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Its hard to say

Sometimes you may faced with questions that don’t have answere, something in line of can you remove this and that. I do come across those and often I just say that I have success stories with those but I can’t say that they will be removable as it is very dependant on many conditions and one can’t be sure with whole certainty.
Frankly best thing to do is to ask as many questions as it is possible and then just move from there, as I find it being very enriching to find out what sort of stains there are and build up a bit of contract with my customers before dealing with them in those terms. I just hope that they will get confidence from my line of questioning and it will prone them to make decision that will be in my favour.
I gad so many different stains already in my carrier and I cam say that it cam be a learning experience if you allow it. Sometimes I would take less the. I quoted my customers just because I feel that it is a fair thing to do. I come from a stand point that it is all about providing benefit to the customer as it will go a long way in a businesses life.


How to Buy a Carpet for rental property

for rental carpet is importantOnce you obtain your desired property for rental, you should be aware that it may not be very wise to get a carpet that is not industry graded or that is basically cream carpet, this color will prove to be very difficult to maintain clean and then after tenants will move out you may be left with rather old looking carpet. That is why at this stage you should think and reconsider many options available on the market, from one side you could go for a hard floor and just simply avoid all the issue with carpets and their cleaning, however you may face a bit of a different situation with those once they will get permanently damaged.

I always recommend my customers to have brown carpet or some shade of blue one, as those colors are best to mask any stains on the carpet and will simply look better after long use by tenants and their guests. Like you can see from example above it is rather stunning difference in contrast between cleaned part of this nice cream carpet, I have placed some effort on this job to make it look its best. That is why landlords should have carpet that is not showing stains with so much eas and they may save much hassle over the years of renting property of they have clean tenants, because with clean tenants your carpet will not get to dirty.

Furthermore it would be wise to make sure that your tenants have made deposite big enough to charge them for any jobs that will be needed to the property after they leave it in unsatisfactory conditions.


How to get pet wee out of carpet

It is not an easy task to remove pets wee smell from your carpet and may prove to be almost impossible, one should not have expectation to this smell going away completely. However said that I can be certain that situation can be improved with some home remedies, like mentioned in previous posts, you can use vinegar and baking soda. Those should be used in right mixture and make sure not to over-soak the carpet as this will cause so many more problems then previously. On top of all that I would recommend to try finding reason why your pet would be watering your carpet, this could have some reasons with in your control.


Now to different solution: using dettol to combat smell from your beloved pet can be very effective. You want to use antibacterial to combat any smell that bacteria are causing, however you have to be aware that smell is caused by ammonia in the wee that is main cause of smell and may be very difficult to remove from carpet because of its chemical nature.

Solution with dettol should be implemented to carpet to the level of mild wetness, after application make sure to dry the carpet with either kitchen towels or with baking soda that will combat smell and bacteria, dettol also helps with smell.

At the end one should be patient with this sort of problem and try this solution multiple times to get most out of those surfaces that could be affected.


How to Clean your Carpet from fur

long fur petIt is usually very annoying for pet owners to clean their carpets from fur that can be literally everywhere and very irritating if you have respiratory problems or simple irritation to fur. that is why so many people decide not to have dog or other pet because they could not stand constant fur everywhere and other aspect of having pet. other things like who will take responsibility for furry animal and how to train your beloved one so that it will not destroy your home’s furniture. I would say that when it comes to training good idea would be to give the animal to specialized trainer that would help out with it, other then that there  plenty of books available to help you out with your task.

From my experience with carpets I know that using regular carpet hoover may not prove to be very effective and one should aim to use brush with rotating head to gather most of the fur from carpet and other particles that can be trapped in the carpet.

Once you have the routine of using this sort of hoover you probably want to do it often and make sure that your pet is grooved often as well. This will significantly reduce amount of unwanted particles being left by your beloved animal. I remember to groove my dog at least twice a week was most effective, and of course often showers would be preferable for animal like that.