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Adwords vs Gumtree

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Adwords vs. Gumtree for carpet cleaning

What would you do when it comes to choosing method of advertising to your customers, or what would be the method of communicating your massage to the public. This is rather difficult question, marketers divide what  their advertising in to three groups:  paid, owned and earned. Paid is one of the most expensive way to connect with your audience and will require me do develop difference that I see in between different advertisers out there.
When individual is looking at the company they want quality or cheap value, that is what your keywords will show and what website you are using will communicate. Gumtree unfortunately is bringing me only the bronze type of customers, those that are only interested in cheap carpet cleaning and therefore present lowest ROI, however the internet is very interesting thing and I have seen some very good customers also from free index and yelp.When it comes to Gumtree there is much to get from it and it should be learned with most patience and with most humility.


When it comes to adwords I can tell you that it is rather expensive way of advertising and therefore you better have your strategy right and your landing page of high relevance otherwise you could waist mass amounts of money without great return on it. However I’m happy with the results I’m getting from adwords after consulting with Google team , they are very patient people with some stubborn users like me. I really appreciate the entire knowledge I’ha gathered from different sources and I think that one can achieve what ever is in his mind.

However best method to communicate is always with earned, as this will present greatest relevance and positive buzz out there. eWOM is very important to be positive and to be created, social media are great for this very reason, so go out there and create campaign that will work. 


Content Marketing

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Content marketing is very important to viral marketing and to achieve best return on your investment, marketing for small and medium companies is rather difficult thing. As there is no real brand awareness to be maintain and people don’t know your company and without this caching content you may never be heard in the world wide web.

First stage of achieving great return on your marketing is to create strategy that have a clear massage and contain some great idea that will make people wanting to share your content. Do not sell your product!!!. I could not say it any more seriously, content marketing is not about selling your products it is about providing interesting things that will make people want to share it and show it to their friends, that is why Social media are so important for your content marketing strategy.
google plus – it is great tool to share content that is of good quality and you think that you have access to some communities that will be interested in it. Furthermore google plus is becoming strongly integrated with SERP and author rank that is impacting the way people click on the results, so that position is not entirely only determinant of traffic to your website. – is also very good website to share your content, especially if it is containing some interesting images. It is network created by Microsoft and for this reason it will be some important tool in near future:) I just adore anything that Microsoft creates, sorry for that:) Because bing is emphasizing more on the trending searches and time relevance they may start to use socl for updating their results and their access to facebook database will make them more competitive in this area is Google Plus will not show enough active users. – this is one thing that if you get your content and it will take liking of readers will skyshoot your content and its reach will be unstoppable:) it is very good to personalize the content and to get some very relevant things that may prove very interesting as well, google love their relevance.

Other are obvious, like twitter and Facebook. Social media with this very outlook. Above are very interesting for more content orientated outlook, however Facebook may be very good medium. That is why there always should be social plugins available on your blog to make it easy for readers to share.



Image and content marketing

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Content marketing is very important, to activate your campaign in effective way you have to create strategy that will have clean goals and will allow to see the results from your actions.

Whys to measure your results: remember that this will depend on the content you are aiming to market and strategy undertaken, for me this is measurable.

  • measure visits, and their origins – this can be conducted by using Google analyst and other tools available on your blog control panel 
  • measure your response rate to visits.
  • conversion ration – if this is what you are aiming at.

Those methods are relevant in my case and in most carpet cleaning businesses cases, however when it comes to content marketing one has to be aware that strategy should be tailored to your needs and objectives.

When it comes to SEO, there are methods that will get you more visitors and better position  This is to write content that is valuable for your readers and that will be interesting and likable. However remember to write content that is original in nature and that is showing genuine interest in helping your readers not clearly trying to sell your service on them.

Image usage: Thanks to very interesting article about copyrighting I have realized that images used on the internet have to be carefully chosen and in most cases should not ever be re-posted.

mauntainFor this very reason I started to use some other methods of en reaching my posts: learn to use Photoshop and Maya for creating images.

Yes I know, this have not much to do with carpets, however I’m going to work on less abstract creations and more usable for carpet cleaning. This will take some time and I will enjoy doing this as 3D graphics is one of my interests.


SEO for carpet cleaners

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This is very close to my heart topic, and I’m writing about it in my other blogs as well. One could say that I diluted my content and efforts in to having so many blogs, however I see it as a interesting thing to write about it and I see that this can be outsourced to some of my employees that could be interested in those matters.

What SEO if?

This is a question that many people ask and even more answers  that is why you can google it:)

SEO for carpet cleaners:

  • Have to have good SEO on page before you start your off page optimization, there are numerous articles and tools to help out with it. 
  • Off site – this is something that takes time and effort to develop and one can spend great amount of money on doing so, however remember that by having good quality links to your website you can not go wrong.
  • Those links should be from different pages and different types of places, like: blogs, social media, news release, and other related to your content websites. This is how you are going to get some good author reputation,
  • Using content marketing tools will help out with this task, I’m great believe in providing good content on the very first place and then going about publishing it to the potential readers.