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Sofa eaten by mould.

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It sounds stupes to even write about and I can tell you that it is very rare but still take place under some circumstances. I’ve talked a lot about mould and what conditions one had to have in the house to grow mould, it is “man made” problem that should be searched initially in the way household is managed. Few of my friends did have a bit of problem with mould in their houses and mostly they blame landlord, however like most landlord’s and trade people know those issues are mostly caused by tenants that do:
Draying clothing in the house with ventilating house
Not having enough heating in the house
Not ventilating their houses

So after understanding those we can move in to issue of furniture being eaten by mould, main thing to do is to make sure that you don’t have your units close to external walls as they may be cold and by this add to issue of mould development. If you just have to have them there try using dump traps near furniture to lower level of moisture in those spots. I think that if you manage those well you can safe your furniture from bein food for those horrible living things 🙂


Moisture traps and such

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water problems Water problems in UK are not uncommon and there are many ways that it should be dealt with. I can understand that it may not be very straight forward for some to see that they have a water damage on their walls and carpets.

I can see in many houses laundry being dried in the rooms where windows are closed and it is just cold in the house, how many households have furniture close to their clod walls that simply produce moisture drops that will with time transfer to fungus and other interesting living beings.

What is best in cases like that is obvious and should be applied immediately, if it is not obvious then I will outline it for you. Do not have clod room with laundry in room. do not have furniture close to clod walls. Other then that one can always place moisture traps, they can be bought cheaply in supermarkets and those are grate inventions that will save you lots of lung conditions and money on renovation your property and simply great comfort of living.

I had same problems myself, frankly no moisture traps are bought yet. But I do certainly have my furniture farther from wall and no wet clothing in my room at any time.


Carpet Cleaning & Water Damage Specialists

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DM carpet has been working with many different cases of carpet stains, starting from some party damages to after fire damages that basically left the carpet smelling of smoke and with very heavy black stains. This gave us great opportunity to gain experience along our professional training to deal with ever most difficult stains that van simply take place from various occasions. That is why we are not afraid to come over o our customers to see if you can remove stains and the ion this base to continue the work. Vast amount of customers have benefited from our services that we can deal with much more coming in.

Carpet stains

After party cleaning

Thanks to years of experience in this sector we where able to achieve very good reputation in Cardiff for our professional services that range from simple domestic cleaning do more complex and bigger commercial projects that require many technicians on the site. We are proud to stay that for our line of business we have been achieving constant positive feedback from our customers and we are looking to improve those.

Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.

This is statement that is very important for our organization and we are looking to strive for this in every part of our business. if you are young and just starting tradesman, make sure that you take care of your customer relationships as this is most important thing that you will be building out there. Your reputation is most important aspect that you are placing our there.