Road traffic

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In light of travel restrictions I am utmost certain that road traffic will definitely not stay as nice and quiet as it is for long, however it makes my life a lot easier when it comes to moving around and especially in the mornings as this time it was rather challenge to get to work if I woke up to late. I think that we can at least hope that schools will be reopen soon to make life easier for many parents that are struggling at the moment to work in all those jobs that simply need to be done when some of us are having long holidays that are utmost definitely will be make our taxes go up in a long run and will be very devastating for the economy.
One ,most certainly can see how difficult it is on people working in industries that have been very heavily affected by this situation. Gastronomy and related industries are having a very difficult time now to cope and many businesses will fail due to the current situation. I think in a way that those that are working hard will be fine and that some government help will most certainly be welcome, however I do not think that it will be enough to help all of the businesses that are struggling so much and so many industries will have to change for ever after this whole pandemic will be over and many new ways of remote work will be implemented in so many companies that can only look forward to all the changes that possibly will decrease road traffic and related fatalities. I for one think that self driven cars can’t come any sooner at this stage, it looks like we are having the technology to handle that and we are not to far away from the whole thing being implemented worldwide.


Wearing mask

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Dariusz Krak

wearing mask is much needed in those times of Covid-19

I’ve realise that is utmost beneficial for my customers and to protect myself to wear mask at current situation with virus going around and I can certainly feel it is ensuring for customers when they see me wearing it. Furthermore it offers additional protection to me and my customers I would hope at least. However there are some down sides of wearing a mask, for one it is sweaty and hard to work under conditions of my line of work. Steam is rather challenging to work with as temperature of household is increasing and it is just hot with all this going on. Furthermore I do have to move rather a lot of furniture when i am working, and for this very reason being physically active I have to be rather well able to breath.

It is utmost beneficial for those that i work with to have all the measures of social distancing in place and that is why i don’t protest mask wearing in any terms, furthermore I think it is good for everyone in current climate to do that. Furthermore from my reading i can see that it is actually very healthy for me to be doing that in a long run, as I work in sort of environment that  a lot of dust is being raised on constant basis. This is most likely very negative thing for my long term health if I will not be wearing mask. I am thinking to get some sort of advance mask that would have option of filter changing and just cover up nicely without being to much of a nonsense to work with. Because  I also work with wood, i am looking  to get a mask in a long term that will be covering me completely with my eyes being covered as well, as on some occasions when I cut concrete amount of dust is not manageableFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


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This is something of very interesting nature to me to be cleaning for people, I have always liked cleaning in my house. Interestingly enough it is something very enjoyable for me to do, not only for myself but also for other. It is clearly rewarding when you see clean house after job done and satisfied customer with the job I have conducted for them.

This blog is a continuation of by onsite blog that is about various interests of mine and things that I have been doing beside carpet cleaning. However I would recomend visiting my other blogs like on wordpress about carpet cleaning.

Furthermore there are much more content that I would like you to see and let me know what you think about it to, like my site on them of carpet cleaning in Cardiff.


Brand new page

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Working with webdevelopment and with carpet cleaning is rather unusual for any professional, however my interests are rather divers and for this very reason I am very proud to present my new page on my main website, this carpet cleaning FAQ is rather substantial achievement for me.

Not only because I have added great quality page, I have also included comment section for anyone to insert their question to which I will be more then happy to answer.

Please leave any comments here to if you are interested in some new posts or anything that I can share with you.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail