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metro area or radius

This is something that I found to be a big question in my business running, because carpet cleaning is not only combined of time at the customer. Big part of time that i spend is on driving to my customers, and this is very variant depending on time of the day and roads quality.
It interesting that sometimes it can take me this same amount of time to get from one part of town to other as it would be to go from town centre to somewhere 10mil outside of town. For this very reason I do cover big radius around my town as traveling is rather not relevant there sometimes. And I do like driving as it is time for me to quiet down a bit between customers and obviously to check what is happening on Facebook with all my friends.
On serious note, this strategy works with me because there are some large towns around my area of interest which is Cardiff. Because there are some large centers of population around I still get S good deal of density to justify me traveling there. Additionally there is increase in population and density for Cardiff which will be even better for me in near future.