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Contractor Research

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I’ve mentioned this task some time ago, in regards to contractor research sometimes recommendations can be most valuable as this will give you good indication of characteristic of your future trades man tendency at work place. I would like to develop bit more on searching using online directories and other before deciding your ideal person to do job at your home, this is something that you have to have build trust and for this multiple sources will be great indicator.

First impression is sometimes most important.

This impression may be coming from quotation you’ll be getting from contractor, or even over the phone. however one over the phone may be misleading and should not be based on prejudice┬áthat you may have about certain accents or way he was communicating to you, this same apply to visual appearance. Those can be very misleading and based on our previous experience rather then on logical decision making process that is only way to make just decision.

Starting with business directories can be very helpful as this will increase your knowledge about contractor in area of jobs that he have already conducted, sometimes it is important to see what is the date of those reviews and if those are fresh then you can be certain that he has been in business for some time. However at this same time I know from experience that getting fresh reviews is not that easy as people are not that keen on leaving reviews if this mean going out of their way.