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begining of the year for carpet cleaners

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it’s not an easy time for any self employed person that has a business that is affected by seasonality, I found it to be rather slow at the beginning of the year this year and it is natural for my line of business from what I have learned. The way to deal with all that is to stay positive and have projects to deal on side when you are not working. What I mean by that is to plan for this months as they will only be few of them and before that Christmas you most likely had no time to have loafs of sleep or anything.
What I can say that beginning of the year or this quiet months are great to use to plan rest of your year and work on website example or new venture that will benefit you in future. I can see that developing your business model and talking with other people in the business can help a lot as you’ll learn what they are going through and that you are not alone, as being self-employed can be very lonely place to be at.
What I am going to do in February is to get a new hmo and to develop my website a bit to have better organic position. And what I found to be great is to listen podcasts while on cardio machine and write up blog posts, this way I can kill three birds with one bloody stone. Wondering for how long I’ll stay so motivated for positivity.


Starting Cleaning Company

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What is it about business that one would like to consider it as a main source of income and occupation for much of awaken hour. Starting a company is a great way to learn and by doing so one can grown exponentially, more than many jobs offer now a days, however this is not an easy task and one should be aware that their working week can extend from usual 40h to over 60h if they are wishing to succeed. This will be only one thing that you should be ready to experience, there are going to be much tress and sleepless nights that will be endured over this time.

Why would anybody go in to this mess?

There are good few reasons, first of all many people would like to realize their own dreams instead of their bosses and managers. I personally decided to do carpet cleaning because my parents showed me that there are money in it and that going this direction may be great way for me to start somewhere, and I am looking to grow my business in to many more areas and soon in to different sectors and industries. I want to expand not only vertically but also horizontally and by this achieve great organization with fantastic culture that is focused on customer satisfaction and improving standards that are out there. Furthermore I love challenge, and what is better then growing your own organization that will prove to be successful and definitely improve professional development of mine.


This was great place for me to learn much about this entire notion of creating website sand positioning it online, furthermore I enjoy coding and would like to develop mys kills further in this area to be more skilled and one day even open something in those lines. There is always a matter of choice and one should be made with most of the information available, however sometimes this have to be made on hunch or even simple guess.


Make best use of your old or scrapped carpets

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For everything in the world you have durability factor affixed to it. Once used to its maximum benefit, it tends to wear and tear and becomes a scrap material. Same goes for your carpets also. Once these become old or get damaged, one need not worry to dispose them. In fact these scrap carpets can be reused for your home purpose.  Here we help you with few basic ideas of reusing your old carpets:-

  1. You can use them as foot rugs or floor mats by cutting them into small squares.
  2. Cut your old carpets into various designs and shapes using your creativity and make them as your welcome doormats or even as your bathmat.
  3. If your wall-to-wall carpet is torn off then try considering them as table mats.
  4. If you want to shift or move heavy furniture like bed or sofa, then you can slide down pieces of old carpets underneath the legs and push it across avoiding any damage to the floorings.
  5. If you have damaged plush carpet made of smooth fur, you can consider making soft beds for your pet dogs and cats. We are very sure this will be the best gift to your pets.
  6. If you have concrete flooring in your shed house, then you can use your old carpets to protect your feet during winters.
  7. Cut your old carpets in long length making it look like a walkway in your child’s room.
  8. You can place the carpet pieces underneath the dining table or a fridge to balance the uneven flooring if any.
  9. You can consider covering your Caravan floor if you have one with your used carpet or else you can donate to ones who have one.
  10. Just for fun, you can spread across your garden area or play area for your children to dance around.