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Being good contractor

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how one get the contract with Eastate Agent and maintain good relationship that will last years with good outcome for both? It’s not an easy topic as there are many variables to consider under those arrangements. There are few things to consider when working with almost any organization.
Be on time – I don’t have to elaborate much under this one, just be responsible human being that is on time and do the job that needs to be done.
Understand and be understood- I find this to be crucial thing in life as whole. Make sure that your customer is aware of potential outcomes of your cleaning job, as some would be expecting miracles from carpets that simply are not deliverable.
Reasonable price – working with agents have to be a bargain for them as well, as they are there to make profit as well. However in most cases your invoice will be forwarded on to landlord, so your price dors not have to be bottom of the market.

In overall just focus on your results and good timely service and you can’t go wrong. I had few situations that I could not do the job because I had simply no tine on the day, there is not much you can do about it though.


Leather Sofa cleaning in Cardiff

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I have been doing leather and fabric cleaning for many years now and I can tell that it is not an easy task to clean leather sofas as they in many cases have so much dirt in wrinkles that accessing them is a challenge. However thanks to experience and good work ethics I was able to achieve good results every time, thanks to all those jobs that were difficult now I have developed techniques that are making it all more time efficient and I am able to get good results so much quicker and with less moisture usage.











Results above are from rather cooperative example, as I had difficulty to find some other ones from my gallery. I remember taking some photos of results, however with amount of photos in my folder it takes some time to find particular examples of cleaning that I may be after. I am in process of reorganizing all of it and I think that with time it will all be in order.

How to clean your leather sofa at home without specialist?

This is possible with some determination and right equipment, you need bucketĀ of warm water and some sponge that is of hard surface to clean the sofa, you can also use cloth. Once you have those simply add some washing up liquid to it and make sure that water is of not very soapy composition, simply rug the leather and make sure to have clean cloth next to you so that you can get a dirt of the leather after rubbing with firth cloth. It will take some time to get all this right and to get good results, however I’m sure that you will get there after some workout.


Local Business

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cardiff fountains

I was getting back from course that I have started recently at Cardiff University, this is great organization with fantastic staff and communication is just outstanding in my opinion. My emails have been responded to promptly and with great informative manner, very accommodating (I’m impressed).

Cardiff is a great place to gain education and at this same time there are so many places to visit and enjoy fresh air when ever there is a good weather (not most often occurrence unfortunately). Besides this factor I really enjoy this place in to its core and I would like to have more courage to explore some new places here and to meet some new people that would enrich my life here.

Cardiff has been very generous when it comes to its welcoming nature and making me feel like at home, just like some are saying “home is where you heart is”. I’m home despite being outside of my country of origin for so many years now. I find Cardiff to be great place to grown and develop, however for some reason I am thinking about moving to some bigger place, like Bristol. At this same time when I reflect on this thought I can see that I have not entirely discovered Cardiff and used all its possibilities for my advantage to move to bigger place, Cardiff is nice and quiet place that can offer a lot for entrepreneur like me.