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Tips for Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets play a major role in the interior decoration. It gives the personal feel and touch of the person who lives in the living space. And the same time it is important to keep the carpets cleaned regularly in order to maintain high level of health and safety of the inhabitants.

Carpets can easily retain dirt, grime dust and germs before it looks dirty. So it is very important to clean them before they get dirty.

1)      Vacuum the carpets at least every week. If you are living in a tropical climate or a town house exposed to city traffic it may require much more frequent cleaning than that. If you overlook the carpet cleaning it will collect the dirt and grime and it would lead to the shorten the life span of the carpet. When the grime and dirt is build up in the carpet it can easily damage the carpet fibers by fraying them. Even if you clean the carpet once a week make sure that you clean around the baseboards and hard to reach areas once in two weeks to prolong the use of the carpet.

2)      Clean the carpets when you can spend plenty of time and attention to it. Never clean your carpets when you are in a hurry. Such an obligatory quick carpet cleaning would not be enough to remove the dirt that are deeply embedded. Make sure to run the vacuum cleaner several times over the same surface area in different directions. Cleaning in such a criss cross pattern will make sure all the grime is removed.

3)      If the carpet is smelly or gives a damp smell, sprinkle some baking soda or a deoderisng product about 15 – 20 minutes before the vacuuming. It will help to eliminate the bad odour. In fact you do not have to wait until the carpet get smelly and fills the room with a bad odour. You can do this once a month even if there is no particular odour in order to maintain the carpet.

4)      If you spill any liquid that may stain the carpet clean them as soon as you can. Do not let the liquid sink deep into the carpet and create a steady stain. If possible try to attend immediately. Maybe if you are entertaining friends or family it will be a little bit rude to clean the carpet immediately but attend to it as soon as you can. When you use a cleaning liquid make sure it will not fade or damage your carpet. First try it on a small spot and see how the carpet reacts to the cleaning product. It is a good idea to do the spot test on some area of the carpet that maybe covered by a piece of furniture such as the coffee table. So even if the cleaning product fades the carpet it will not be noticeable.

5)      If you own a new carpet and plan to apply soil retardants, first of all carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer. Use the products that are recommended for your carpets. These soil retardants are treating the carpet with a chemical layer that helps the fibers of the carpet to resist stains and discolouration. Such treatments definitely lengthen the life span of the carpet. But you have to make sure it will not damage the fibers of the carpet.

About the author: Jane Taylor is an interior designer who is experienced in providing interior designing tips and advices. These days she is writing articles on TV picture frame designs.


How To Remove Wine Stains From Your Carpet

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As we all know, there’s nothing as hard to remove as red wine. It tends to color up any fabric easily, and being a very common beverage, it’s spilled quite often. But once the damage is done, how do we remove it? Clearly, washing the entire carpet wouldn’t be the way to go, so let’s see if we can be as detailed as possible about the removal of wine stains from a carpet.

Image source: http://www.callcarpettech.com
Immediate Reaction


If possible, try to sponge the spilled wine first. This should be your immediate response – take a clean piece of cloth and gently sponge the wine. Do not apply force, since this will push the stain further into the carpet. Commence cleaning immediately afterwards. If that’s not possible, you can pour some salt over the stain until you have figured out what to do.




Cleaning agents for the wine stain


In most cases, water will do just fine, so long as you keep blotting the stain with a damp cloth. However, there are certain things you can dissolve in the water to make cleaning more effective. One way is to mix hand washing detergent into warm water and use that mixture. Another good way is to add some white vinegar to the water, which will allow the pigment to be more easily lifted from the stain.


If all else fails, you can always try bleaching the spot out of the carpet with hydrogen peroxide. Be careful though – you can discolor the carpet too, if you add too much peroxide.


Image source:  http://www.wikihow.com


Tools to clean wine stains


Naturally, there are some tools which can clean a wine stain even after it has dried. These include a myriad of specialized vacuum cleaners. Some of the more advanced and expensive but also affordable robot vacuum cleaners can help in this situation as well. So if you can afford it, it’s best to obtain one such machine, in case of another wine spill.





Home Remedies for carpet cleaning:

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A carpet that covers your home floor is supposed to be the busiest one. It receives multiple stains from you visitor’s shoes to your kid’s remains everything is often stick to your carpet. The vacuum cleaning does not always work efficiently against them. This is why you need to adopt several other strong agents that could be useful enough in removing all sorts of stains from the carpet skin. The carpet is supposed to be an expensive commodity and hence it should be carefully utilized.

There are many different types of carpets available in the flea stores and you might find a huge variety in their material and colors. While dealing with any stained carpet with reference to it cleaning its very important that you check the type of the mattress first, because you cannot apply all treatments to all of the carpets.

Though there are countless commercially available detergents which can be useful in dealing with several carpet stains but they are not thought to be safe for both your and carpet skin. They can cause discoloration and skin allergies. This is why it is preferable to deal with such issues with homemade remedies.

The following are a few solutions which can help in dealing with such problems they are all easy to practice and are safe and cost effective.


Ordinary salt:

Instead of removing most of the stains with the help of shampoo and other such detergents avoid messy situations by using ordinary table salt. When you sprinkle salt over the fresh stain it absorbs most of its effect from the surface by leaving the surface clean without any damage.

Baking Soda

Though baking soda is very useful in baking cakes and other items but it is also beneficial in cleaning your carpet. When your carpet come in contact with any sort of coffee or tea stain do not worry just pour a lot of soda over the stain and leave it for few minutes, you will see that after few moments bubbles will start appearing and your stains will no longer exist afterwards. This is the time when you have to clean it with a tissue paper or any piece of fabric.

White Distilled Vinegar

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIn case of any of the grease stain you can use an easy homemade solution to get rid of it. All you have to do is simply mix half cup vinegar in 2 cups water and then add a few drops of ammonia in the solution now it is ready to remove the stains from the service of your carpet.

Shaving Cream:

Shaving cream is a very useful item for any household because of its efficient usage. It can be utilize in removing blood and pasta stains from the carpet. All you have to do is spray the cream over the stain and then leave it for a while after this you have to rinse the surface with cold water.

This is how you can use certain easy and cost affective tips to clean up your carpet


This post is written by Maya and she is a housewife and also a guest blogger she love writing posts regarding home remedies for cleaning carpets, modern leather beds, sofas and large double beds.


Risk of Performing DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning can be done on your own, you can rent a machine or buy one for yourself. However this could have not desired results and by this could prove a bit of money wasting. By renting a machine you could realise that the machine is not very good condition or that simply you are not having technical knowledge to use it in most effective way.

Moving from problems of DIY carpet cleaning, let us just think how nice is to have fresh carpet that is just briskly for your home and family. That is why it is best to have professional clean y our carpets.

Let us go with scenario that you got yourself new carpet cleaning machine from amazon or your local shop, this is great you think “ now I can clean them nice” you say. However after first day you realize that your cleaning results are not of what you have expected and the carpet is not entirely clean with some hard stains still there. This could be cause by the fact that machine itself if not strong enough and extraction is not completely done, furthermore some of the non-commercial  machines are not designed to work for very long time and with strong results. That is why expect that your carpets will require some often carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaningRenting machine could be a better option for your carpets, furthermore one should make sure that cleaning instructions are read and that you actually fallow them tio the letter otherwise it can prove to be dangerous to your carpet.