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What is needed to get the job done?

It is not an easy to stay focused when working all day long seven days a week, but it is important to stay focused and most importantly to have dedication to clean carpets and provide great results as it is what is important. I can imagine that cleaning carpets is not the most exiting thing ever to do but at this same time there is greater purpose in doing all that and this has to be the mission.

I’m not sure if I’ll manage doing this job for very long, I am certain that I do want to get to level where I can be relaxed and not have to worry about jobs coming my way. After all that is why I am building my property portfolio and I can say with whole certainty that by achieving certain level of them I can become more relaxed as I am feeling a lot more relaxed now then when I felt before starting them all. With this combination I can start to develop my other interests which will be focusing on business in property letting and their management. All of this takes time and one has to be patient with expectations. I am certain that dedication to mission statement and plan will certainly be of the best use in this case, and further research will be needed to get where I want to be. However great level of development is needed to get there and much more business connections will be needed.


Satisfaction is everything

satisfaction is of interesting nature, from one perspective you have be aware that customers will always have some sort of expectations about results, I found it to be best to simply inform them of what can be expected. And ideally make it what below of what you think you can actually achieve as it will be best way to make them really happy about this results.

I however know that some stains will simply not go, I’ve learned from years of experience that customers can have very realistic expectations and those are great, however some other will have inflated idea on what carpet cleaner is capable to achieve. Luckily majority of people are very realistic and I get great rage of satisfaction from jobs that I conduct on daily bases which is great satisfaction for me. I do like what I am doing, I dk like to work with some horrible stains as this will give me nice photos of before and after and those are good for website and facebook page which I think brings lots of new customers.
Life is way tk short to do things that are not bringing satisfaction to your life on daily bases. Do what ever makes you happy and you’ll be happy in the end.
I think that goal is only a journey and should be treated like that as what you do from A to Z is your life and nothing more.