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Mould cleaning after winter time

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It is not very pleasant to have mould spreading in your room after winter, sometimes this may not be strongly related to moisture problem in the house. It can be caused my moisture going over the external walls for prolong time and this what caused mould and was making those walls cold for this very time.

wall mould by bedOnce this development will grow in your bedroom you can be sure that it will not go away simply because you don’t like it, you have to apply some methods of mass destruction on this living being that otherwise will only grow and cause problems for you respiratory system that may be unpleasant in consequences.

Tools, materials:

painting brush, dettol, paint of appropriate color, brush (to get the paint off the wall)


  • Ensure to get all the pain of the effected area, scrub it with brush or what ever you think is appropriate.
  • Once you have this scrubbed, use dettol with some warm water to get the thing killed, you can and should repeat process few time in intervals of few hours.
  • after dettol application, one should wait enough time for the wall to get totally dry before painting and once it is completely¬†dry dry you¬†can start having fun with painting brush and other.

Best of luck with this fun task, I personally hate doing painting jobs. Once you’ll finish it could be good idea to get some dehumidifiers in this place, just in case. You can find plenty of those at Amazon.co.uk and there are some that are passive as well, so you don’t have to plug them in.