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Carpet’s impact on your health

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Carpets are very good maintain your hous
e in pristine condition for a long time, this is because carpets have a tendency to absorb much of the stains without showing them and additionally they will absorb dust mites and other respiratory irritants that can be present in the household. For this very reason it is recommended to clean carpets on regular bases, frequency would depend on the type of property and what sort of traffic there is on the surface. That is why regularly scheduled carpet cleaning will help maintain your house clean and allergy free in most instances, this is especially important of there are pets in the house. Because pets hair and dandruff in well known source of respiratory and skin irritant.

What is in your Carpet?

Carpet cleaning Cardiff


it is very interesting that even clean looking carpet will contain much dirt that can be harmful for your kids and for your own health, that is why do not wait until it is looking completely dirty to clean your carpet. Carpets are like this trap for airborne particles, that is why it is recommended to have carpet in your bedroom to enhance healthy air circulation that will trap lots of dust in the carpet. unfortunately vacuuming will not be optimal practice to remove those from the carpet, as this is only surface based solution that may prove to be superficial in a long run. That is why most carpet manufacturers recommend to have your carpet cleaned at least once a year, and more often if your household has carpet with heavy traffic in some places.

Health risks?

There are some and you should obviously not take them as written i stone, as we are differ and our conditions can be various depending on type of carpet and our own health.

You should be vigilant if you have asthmatic reactions, because carpet can consist of irritants that may effect your respiratory system and by this cause attacks that otherwise could be prevented by having your carpet professionally cleaned. Unfortunately sometimes your own home may be more harmful then outside pollutants in the air, this is caused by environment characteristics in you household that can be multiplying your sensitivity to pollutants.