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Growing carpet cleaning business

I have been faced with this dilemma for some time as I have been working 12h a day recently and it is getting rather difficult to have work life balance and I’m not sure how to grow my business with constant maintenance of quality that I deliver to my customers as it think that’s the most important aspect of any business I don’t want to just grow business with my quality deteriorating as my business is everything to me as it’s my name and so many people ring me up and ask if I’m Darius and they want to talk to me as they know I’m good with what I do and they heard about me  from their friends.

It’s hard to say how I am going to go about it and I think it will take me one time to find someone that I can completely trust and let them go with the business and  take on some more jobs. I do have one associate that I’m thinking that will be good and I hope he will prove me right with every weekend that works with me and finally I can get him to work with me full time and eventually on his own with equipment and so on. That would be amazing to have business grow this way.

steam carpet cleaner

steam carpet cleaning cardiff

steam carpet cleanerusing equipment that heats water to steam level has many benefits only one of them is that all most all the smells and bacteria are eliminated from the carpet and it leaves it being so fresh that one could probably eat off it. Furthermore I can dag that cleaning with this sort of machine makes it so much more time efficient and by this I am at the customer house so much less and by this they can get on with their day after I am finished with their carpets.
Also it is worth to add that with steam carpet cleaning one can get so many more types of stains out without using very strong chemicals that are not always friendly for my hands :) besides that I do get customers that wish to have their carpets done without any chemicals as they want them just steamed and have no residues of chemicals left in them.
Additional to time efficiency and chemical use dedication that is very environmental friendly one can also deal with commercial carpets like in pubs or restaurants with so much less time spend on premises and by this greatly reduce possibly costs for customer that would have to have their stuff stay over after hours to assist me with access and such. I will write about further benefits of steam cleaning in further posts.