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How to get pet wee out of carpet

It is not an easy task to remove pets wee smell from your carpet and may prove to be almost impossible, one should not have expectation to this smell going away completely. However said that I can be certain that situation can be improved with some home remedies, like mentioned in previous posts, you can use vinegar and baking soda. Those should be used in right mixture and make sure not to over-soak the carpet as this will cause so many more problems then previously. On top of all that I would recommend to try finding reason why your pet would be watering your carpet, this could have some reasons with in your control.


Now to different solution: using dettol to combat smell from your beloved pet can be very effective. You want to use antibacterial to combat any smell that bacteria are causing, however you have to be aware that smell is caused by ammonia in the wee that is main cause of smell and may be very difficult to remove from carpet because of its chemical nature.

Solution with dettol should be implemented to carpet to the level of mild wetness, after application make sure to dry the carpet with either kitchen towels or with baking soda that will combat smell and bacteria, dettol also helps with smell.

At the end one should be patient with this sort of problem and try this solution multiple times to get most out of those surfaces that could be affected.


Removing pet’s poo of the carpet

Carpet stains

heavy stains

Removing pet’s residues is not an easy task and should not definitely be done by spraying antibacterial solution on the carpet and the scrubbing it, this will only get your carpet more stained and will make the problem worse. Furthermore one should always avoid over moisturizing the carpet, as this can only make problem worse by spreading poo in to your underlay and even deeper if way to much water will be used.

Solution: using antibacterial solution, like dettol or equivalent chemical mix it with mater (make sure that your carpet will not discolor under the chemical, You should always test the solution on some carpet sample that will not be visible and you don’t mind having it bit lighter or otherwise not evenly colored.

Once you have the solution done and your carpet testing is showing that carpet will withstand solution you can start working on the stain with solution and sponge that will extract as much poo as you can. Once no more is coming off, simply sprinkle the stain with your solution and then sprinkle it with backing soda (backing soda will absorb much of the chemicals and poo). One this had few hours to dry out, simply vacuum the surface and repeat the process until you are satisfied with results, it will take some time to get tot pristine condition.

If you are living in Wales areas, you can also  cal specialists dealing with carpets cleaning: you can find one at www.dmcarpetclean.co.uk 


Wine cleaning after party

Cleaning whine or any other drinks may not be easy task after party, however it should be done immediately after the accident happens as this is essential for the success if you do not want to hire expensive carpet cleaner that may charge you anything from £30 to £40 for single cleaning of stain (that is what I usually charge).  I enjoy working with wine sometimes, as this is easy job to conduct if it is still fresh.

drinks and party

Otherwise it takes for ever to get it out and if carpet is very creamy and  already dry it may prove to be almost impossible to get it removed from carpet.

That is why you should never let it dry before getting it out, best way to get red wine out is to use paper towels to suck it out of the carpet, never ever rub it in to the carpet with any time of sponge or something like that. It will not produce any good results fro you. Using white wine to dissolve your red wine spillage may be beneficial and produce some good results.

Try to avid anybody walking on the area is you are not intending to have it done on the day of accident, walking can only smear the wine all over the carpet and get it dipper in to the underlay and wood work of the carpet.

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Booking your domestic cleaner

This is something of a problematic manner if you are looking to book someone with very short notice and one can find out that many cleaning companies will charge them extra for this sort of service that is not in regular times or without much notice.

I always recommend my customers to give me enough time, so that I can have my timetable available for their disposal and by this get in best time available for them and suitable for me as well. However sometimes it is not possible, especially after party or some other event that could be requiring immediate cleaning after people making some mess or otherwise you just need your property inspected by your landlord or renting agency that will be coming to your place to see how clean your place is now.

Like you can see at this photo, there was some good party here, and my customer was requiring some immediate cleaning after Halloween if I remember it right. This was rather difficult for me as it was on Saturday. I don’t work on weekends with my carpet cleaning business, because I work in Swansea and this is not finishing until 7 pm at evening. However It was rather big job, with three sets of stairs, which added to some good payoff for the job that at the end I was more then happy to do.

Carpet stains

heavy stains