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Getting an Energy-Efficient Vacuum Cleaner

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A good vacuum cleaner is probably the most important piece of equipment that you need to keep your carpet in good condition. If you fail to vacuum your carpet sufficiently, it will age faster as small particles cut into your carpet’s fibers and soil your floor covering, and this could detract from the appearance of your  or other valuable property. Vacuum cleaners can also be carpet maintenance accessories that consumer a great deal of energy if you fail to look around and find the most efficient models out there.

There are many different parts and functions of a vacuum cleaner where efficiency comes into play, and you should have a look at all of these separate parts of a vacuum cleaner in determining which model is best for you in terms of your desire to consume less energy while still seeing to it that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Efficiency Features

Some of the aspects of a vacuum cleaner that can be manipulated to enhance sustainability include ergonomics, efficiency of the model at capturing particles, energy consumption, the reparability of the vacuum, and how durable the model is. Naturally, a vacuum cleaner is going to subjected to some rough use, and it must stand up to the tasks you demand of it if it is to continue working through the years and save you from having to run out and buy a new model very often.

The best way to determine if a vacuum cleaner model is efficient is to look out for various ratings from authorities on vacuum cleaner manufacture and function. One good resource for information is The Carpet and Rug Institute, which has a rating system that involves a Seal of Approval. If a model has been given a good Seal of Approval rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute, you can be sure that it is a decent buy in determine of efficiency and functioning.

Other certifications you should be aware of when shopping for vacuum cleaners are CIMS-GB and LEED-EBOM. These certifications are in fact influenced by the Seal of Approval rating system from the Carpet and Rug Institute. However, they also examine certify that a vacuum cleaner properly meets other parameters that track efficiency.

The Advantages of an Efficient Machine

Having an efficient vacuum cleaner will benefit you in many different ways. Generally speaking, a vacuum cleaner that has been deemed “efficient” through one of the rating systems mentioned above is highly effective at removing debris from your home while still operating at low levels of consumption. You might not have put too much thought into the purchase of your in the past, but this type of purchase is actually an investment that will have an effect on the condition of your carpet and the purchases you have to make in the future for new cleaning equipment or carpet maintenance.



Improve Quality Of Air In Bathroom For Healthy Living

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You definitely do not want things like molds, moisture and air pollution in your homes especially in the bathrooms. It is an established fact the air quality within the home is much worse than that of outside and most often it is due to poor ventilation systems. Therefore if you see a cover of mold on bathroom ceilings and feel that it is always misty and condensed, then you should realize that your home and bathrooms are not well ventilated.

Improve Quality of Air in the Bathrooms:

Following are some of the most effective professional tips that will allow you to bring in more air in your bathrooms.

  • Buy a Great Fan:

A top quality fan is a must for a great bathroom and for improving the quality of air inside. However if your fan is too noisy, no house member will like to switch it on.Therefore, you need to install one that is quite and noise proof. A great fan will definitely suck all the moisture and mold out of the bathroom making it cleaner and purifying the air coming in.

  • Install a Good Fan Timer:

Another great tip to make your bathroom healthier is to install a timer in the fan that has a one hour setting and ask all members of your family to use it after every shower. Furthermore, if you are constructing a new house, consider equipping the fan with remote timer that will allow you to control the fan from anywhere you are. Another option is to use dehumidistat that will run the fan only when needed.

  • Think about a Heated Floor:

If you have both fan and floor heating system in your bathroom, it is always better to install a timer to check the working of both. This team approach will dry the room early while making it healthier for you. No other thing can dry down the shower flower or bathroom floor quickly than the heat coming from the floor itself.

  • Multiple Ways to Dry the Bathroom:

There are plenty of ways with the help of which you can make your bathroom dry as soon as possible after showers. One option is installing the fan and the second one is to use a small window for ventilation. Another thing that you can do is to take shorter showers that means less moisture is needed to be removed and as a result, mildew and mold will not settle on ceilings and walls. However, if the ceiling is low or you are using steam showers, avoid placing fans inside as the ductworks will be used as a chimney by the steam vapors in this case.

  • A Shower Transom:

If your shower is a steam one surrounded by a full glass from top to bottom, consider placing a transom in the bathroom. This transom can be used to dry down the showers conveniently in different cases such as if the door is closed. Furthermore, placing the fan close to transom will also help you greatly as it will drain any moisture out of the shower when the door is closed.

  • Leave Enough Room for Ventilation:

If you are using glass panels to distinguish the showers from rest of the bathroom, ensure that they do leave room for ventilation. For instance, do not take those panels all the way to the top of the ceiling and in this way you are sure to get more circulation of the air. Furthermore, design your shower in such a way that steam and water vapors are not blocked by the shower walls.

  • No or Less Grout Joints:

The less are the grout lines on the floor less will be the absorption of moisture and quicker will be the evaporation. Furthermore, also ensure that shower drains allow the moisture to heat away from underneath of the tiles.


These are some of the tips that will help you to make your bathroom less friendly to mold and mildew and healthier for your family.

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Wilson writes on home improvement and décor such as large canvas printing. He works for an online canvas pictures UK store.




Top Tips for Keeping your Bathroom Clean

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premium-frameless-walk-in-shower-screen-1100mmOne of the best ways to save yourself the hassle of a deep cleaning project is to practice simple maintenance of your home every day. This is especially true for the bathroom. Allowing dirt, mildew and soap scum to build up will only result in you having to spend several hours of your precious week-end time knee-deep in grime. Read on for a few helpful tips to keeping your bathroom clean during the week.

Make a Cleaning Kit

Having the right products on hand for a quick touch up will make basic maintenance much easier. Make a small kit with a bottle of your favourite all-purpose cleanser or bleach solution, convenient cleaning wipes and soft cloths; keep it hidden away in your vanity unit or bathroom cupboard.

Reduce Clutter

All those bits and bobs might be useful but they also attract dust and generally make your bathroom more enclosed. Clear off your counter tops and shelves as much as you can, and you’ll have an easier time keeping the space clean.

This is also a good time to consider installing a few extra robe hooks or towel rails to keep things off the floor.

Short Cleaning Sessions

Every time you go into your bathroom, make it a point to put things away, straighten up the toothbrushes, wipe down one surface, or pick up any towels and clothes. The more support you can gather from family members, the better.

Bathroom Rugs and Carpets

There’s nothing worse than a dingy or dirty bathroom rug; make it a priority to have your rugs  professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This will help your bathroom look bright and clean at all times.

Prepare for Deep Cleansing

Help yourself out by preparing for deeper cleaning sessions. Rinse and dry your bath or shower enclosure after each use, and wipe down your chrome bathroom accessories. When the time comes for an actual scrubbing the job will be much easier.


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Mold Cleaning

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There is one interesting thing about mould that should be taken under consideration, first of all one has to make sure that humidity is low in the house and that the house is warm. This will prevail from the development of those very annoying fungus.

Once those are available in the house then we can start working on the removal of the mould, one thing that will work to remove the smell and the black spots form the carpet is to wash it with vinegar and water solution, however this will require to have water extract hoover.

If you do not have this sort of hoover you can use baking soda system, this is very simple to create. Mix baking soda with water to achieve past consistency, once you have that just brush it in to the carpet to get all the black marks covered, once the solution dries out you can use regular hoover to extract baking soda from the carpet. This process will have to be repeated few times to achieve the results of clean carpet.

mould cleaningTip on the mould removal

  • Remember that mould has a reason to be in the carpet on the first place, one has to remove the reasons to fight it with results. LOW humidity and warm rooms. 
  • Dry wet area immediately, this will prevent conditions favorable for mould to develop.
  • make sure that there is good ventilation of areas that tend to generate more moisture.
  • direct water away from you home –  if there are any areas around your home that tend to gather water around your house then they may be a reasons of moisture in your home.
  • have good air from in your house, this will greatly reduce humidity levels and by this reduce mould build up.