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how to get rid of mould and issues with moisture on the walls and carpets that can help you out.

Keeping mould under control or die

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I’ve been to many houses and I’ve seen my bit of mould and other, in most cases it is caused by the way household habitants are actually living in them.

Mould is man made

With this in mind one should make himself familiar with few conditions that mould needs to grow and spread it’s toxins( which as a matter of fact can be harmful to humans). For mould to grow in a first place room has to be cold, moistures and without great deal of air flow.
Few ways that people create those conditions in their rooms:
Draying clothing without opening windows
Not having ventilation in the bathroom
Not ventilating the room
Not having heating on often enough

Now if you understand what mould need to grow in your home you can prevent those conditions to be in place, once you achieve dry, and ventilated rooms mould will hate you. Now, if you have some mould you just need to treat it with some good antibacterial chemicals and wash it well. If you’re happy with result and you’ve resolved environmental causes you can paint it off and it should be gone for a long time. I would recommend as a first course of action to asses your home and check if there I’d no outside moisture source.


Mould in Barry and Cardiff

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Barry seasind is amazing placeThis is amazing place to be leaving at and one should visit Barry at least once in lifetime if you are living in UK, however not only this place is amazingly lactated and with many great community it has some serious issue with clod walls and obvious moisture. There is much research and common sense knowledge showing that moisture is causing mould on the walls and in the air, it is not that we don’t have mould spore in regular house and it is only occurring at those seaside places. Mould is very effective leaving thing that will utilize every possible space it can and as much food as it can consume and convert in to energy will be utilized.

For those spore to develop in to mould many conditions has to be actually in place, first of all there needs to be enough humidity in the house and not enough air circulation to make the spore circulate in the air rather then stay on the surface and start eating organic matter. That is why it is strongly recommended to have air dehumidifiers in the rooms that one is experiencing some mould development, besides that you can always clean your walls with dettol or other disinfecting substances that will help to fight spores that are very origin on mould structure in the house.

Unfortunately Barry and Cardiff is presented with lots of moisture in the air, not because of all the rain that we have in Wales.

Using passive dehumidifiers and cleaning your walls with domestics or other strongly antibacterial solution will help to fight spores that are main cause of mould development on the walls, when it comes to carpets one should be careful with use of any strong antibacterial chemicals as those can damage carpet irreversibly. Best of luck with your fight.

wall mould by bed


Preventing carpet mold

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Carpet mould is a nasty thing to have in your home, that is why one should be avoided by any cots. I’ll start from giving few reasons how mould can formulate in your carpet and what mound can cause to you and your family.

What conditions are needed for mould to grow in your carpet:

  • mould spores
  • Darkness (mould will not grow in ultraviolet light)
  • Warmth ( mould will not grow in low temperature
  • Moisture (mould love to have some water from leak or other source)
  • Enough time ( mould can grow with in two days if the conditions are right for it)
  • Leaks in the roof can cause increase humidity and problems for your home and walls.
  • Condensation is other source of water, this will take place on cold surfaces in the house.
  • Poor ventilation is obvious cause for mould development.

What mould can cause to you:

  • Respiratory problems can be caused by presence of mould on your carpet (Peat, 2007).
  • Cough and wheeze in healthy people can be cause by mould.
  • Shortness of breath

As you can see mould in your home is rather serious thing to have, and you should be looking in to improving the conditions and removing the mould fastest you can. One could go and hire professional carpet cleaner, or do it yourself with help of some information on the matter. Whatever you chose it is important to get rid of it as fastest as you can.

mould carpetPreventing mould from building up, well this is one thing that you can figure out by now. Simply improve the conditions in your house to prevent mould development and you should be fine. However if you are looking for method to remove existing mould you should be using chemicals with strong enzymes to get rid of it. Other than that you could use vinegar with water, or baking soda recipes that are of good effectiveness.


Peat, J. K., 2007. Effects of damp and mould in the home on respiratory health: a review of the literature. Allergy, 53(2), pp. 120-128.


Mold Cleaning

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There is one interesting thing about mould that should be taken under consideration, first of all one has to make sure that humidity is low in the house and that the house is warm. This will prevail from the development of those very annoying fungus.

Once those are available in the house then we can start working on the removal of the mould, one thing that will work to remove the smell and the black spots form the carpet is to wash it with vinegar and water solution, however this will require to have water extract hoover.

If you do not have this sort of hoover you can use baking soda system, this is very simple to create. Mix baking soda with water to achieve past consistency, once you have that just brush it in to the carpet to get all the black marks covered, once the solution dries out you can use regular hoover to extract baking soda from the carpet. This process will have to be repeated few times to achieve the results of clean carpet.

mould cleaningTip on the mould removal

  • Remember that mould has a reason to be in the carpet on the first place, one has to remove the reasons to fight it with results. LOW humidity and warm rooms. 
  • Dry wet area immediately, this will prevent conditions favorable for mould to develop.
  • make sure that there is good ventilation of areas that tend to generate more moisture.
  • direct water away from you home –  if there are any areas around your home that tend to gather water around your house then they may be a reasons of moisture in your home.
  • have good air from in your house, this will greatly reduce humidity levels and by this reduce mould build up.