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Keep them Clean

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WP_20131021_002IWP_20131021_001t’s not easy to keep them clean when they are under heavy traffic and especially when in commercial premises. That’s only one example from numerous rugs that I’ve cleaned and I can say that sometimes there is so much dirt in them that one has to go over them few times, however it still have to be kept as dry as possible. I would say that to keep rug clean it has to be hoovered often and try to have it professionally cleaned often or at least once a year.

I like to use antibacterial chemicals in case of rugs which are placed in houses with pets and that is for many reasons. One of main one is that pets tend to generate  loads of fur and  dust from dandruff and simply dead skin. I can simply say that cleaning rugs is one of my favourite things to do, especially if they are nice and thick as it makes them so much more handy to clean. Unfortunately some rugs are horrible to clean as they are thin and it makes them so difficult to clean with method that I use.

With years of doing my job I can say that people like their rugs clean and smelling nicely, which is rather obvious but now I know that using nice smelling chemicals can enhance my customers experience.


Room floor would be surely dust free with a great touch of cleaner

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To remove dust from your carpet and make your carpet fresh as a new one for making your floor along with your room nice looking, you need to do carpet cleaning in a regular basis and with your own effort, you might be able to do that kind of things very easily but you will not be able to do the cleaning very efficiently as you are not a professional person. Basically when will be in the process of cleaning of your carpet lying in your floor, then you might feel very troublesome and problematic as you do not have any idea as well as technique and as result of that, your effort and initiative might get a touch of a heap of ash. So, to avoid this hassle regarding cleaning of carpet, you need to take the help of a professional without making a question undoubtedly.

Benefit of professional cleaner

If you hire a professional cleaner for the purpose of carpet cleaning, then you will get a smooth touch of cleanliness in your floor along with your room and as result of that, when your guest will come in your home and see your cleaned carpet all the time, then she or he might give you an awesome feedback. Basically, your professional will provide your effective services like carpet removing and cleaning with a neat and clean attitude, furniture removing and resetting and many more works what are related to clean carpet. But the thing is that you need to take an efficient and knowledgeable person who has much more experience regarding cleaning actually.

How is the charge?

To hire a professional expert regarding carpet cleaning, you need to be worried regarding charges as different companies have different packages out which, one definitely will suit you with your requirement and capacity. Moreover, you can have an opportunity to get discount from the company or individual if you cover the discount criteria.


Rug cleaning

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Rug cleaning is one very nice thing to do, mainly because some of them can be simply washed by hand and then extract the moisture by special hoover and then it will be nice and clean. before-and-after-upholstery3



However some other will present with more problematic fibers and sizes as they are great in variety and materials that they are made from. That is why I would recommend to use special detergents for rug cleaning that will be delicate and at this same time will clean your rug with good results. Interestingly enough when you are looking at the rug you should be turning it as well, because only then you can be sure to get all the stains from the rug, if the underlay is still stained then it will come back to surface after some time.

vaxVax Ultra+ Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution

I find this to be one of the best solutions when it comes to carpet and upholstery treatments. It will prove to be cheap and effective solution for your rug cleaning. However if you are looking in  to hiring carpet cleaner, I would recommend to have your carpet cleaner to look after the rugs. They can do really good job on those and provide you with much time saving for you and your family.