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How to clean and deal with rugs and small carpets, for owners and cleaners.

Keep them Clean

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WP_20131021_002IWP_20131021_001t’s not easy to keep them clean when they are under heavy traffic and especially when in commercial premises. That’s only one example from numerous rugs that I’ve cleaned and I can say that sometimes there is so much dirt in them that one has to go over them few times, however it still have to be kept as dry as possible. I would say that to keep rug clean it has to be hoovered often and try to have it professionally cleaned often or at least once a year.

I like to use antibacterial chemicals in case of rugs which are placed in houses with pets and that is for many reasons. One of main one is that pets tend to generate  loads of fur and  dust from dandruff and simply dead skin. I can simply say that cleaning rugs is one of my favourite things to do, especially if they are nice and thick as it makes them so much more handy to clean. Unfortunately some rugs are horrible to clean as they are thin and it makes them so difficult to clean with method that I use.

With years of doing my job I can say that people like their rugs clean and smelling nicely, which is rather obvious but now I know that using nice smelling chemicals can enhance my customers experience.


Carpets can reduce allergies

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Carpet usage is very important when it comes to allergies, there is strong correlation between those and carpets filtering air in the room. This graph represents correlation between use of carpets and allergies in the country.

carpet_usageA study conducted in 2005 is showing that using fine flooring solutions increase number of dust particles and by this there are more allergenic particles that could be responsible for the reactions of respiratory system. Furthermore studies is showing that dust concentration is much higher in rooms with smooth flooring materials used.

Fine dust is substantial problem, especially for allergy suffering individuals. It is irrelevant what type of dust there is in the room, this in any case can cause irritation or respiratory system. Furthermore when ever there was a bronchial system irritation previously this can have very irritation effect on lungs and may be harder for allergy patients to breath and live in the house like that.

There is more to carpet then simple dust and soil in it. Carpet allergies can be cause by numerous agents only one of them is dust, there is danger coming from dander of pets nature and mould growing in the carpet that is natural, especially if there is higher moisture concentration in the house.

Carpets are virtually magnets to the allergenic substances, that is why it is good to hoover it ion regular bases and carpet wash it at least every 6 months.
This way you can avoid much of the allergies coming from the carpet and by this keeping your family healthier and happier in your home.



Furthermore study conducted in 2002 is showing that people having carpets in their bedroom are less likely to have episodes of asthma. This study have also shown that presence of carpets and rugs in the house is showing to reduce allergy episodes in the house and that carpet are trapping a lot of allergenic substances, for this very reason European Community Respiratory Health Service (ECRHS) is recommending to wash carpets on regular bases to prevent unwanted allergies.


You can find some of the articles here:

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