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SEO for carpet cleaners

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This is very close to my heart topic, and I’m writing about it in my other blogs as well. One could say that I diluted my content and efforts in to having so many blogs, however I see it as a interesting thing to write about it and I see that this can be outsourced to some of my employees that could be interested in those matters.

What SEO if?

This is a question that many people ask and even more answers  that is why you can google it:)

SEO for carpet cleaners:

  • Have to have good SEO on page before you start your off page optimization, there are numerous articles and tools to help out with it. 
  • Off site – this is something that takes time and effort to develop and one can spend great amount of money on doing so, however remember that by having good quality links to your website you can not go wrong.
  • Those links should be from different pages and different types of places, like: blogs, social media, news release, and other related to your content websites. This is how you are going to get some good author reputation,
  • Using content marketing tools will help out with this task, I’m great believe in providing good content on the very first place and then going about publishing it to the potential readers.