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Removing pet’s poo of the carpet

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Carpet stains

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Removing pet’s residues is not an easy task and should not definitely be done by spraying antibacterial solution on the carpet and the scrubbing it, this will only get your carpet more stained and will make the problem worse. Furthermore one should always avoid over moisturizing the carpet, as this can only make problem worse by spreading poo in to your underlay and even deeper if way to much water will be used.

Solution: using antibacterial solution, like dettol or equivalent chemical mix it with mater (make sure that your carpet will not discolor under the chemical, You should always test the solution on some carpet sample that will not be visible and you don’t mind having it bit lighter or otherwise not evenly colored.

Once you have the solution done and your carpet testing is showing that carpet will withstand solution you can start working on the stain with solution and sponge that will extract as much poo as you can. Once no more is coming off, simply sprinkle the stain with your solution and then sprinkle it with backing soda (backing soda will absorb much of the chemicals and poo). One this had few hours to dry out, simply vacuum the surface and repeat the process until you are satisfied with results, it will take some time to get tot pristine condition.

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Tips on Carpet Care to Enhance Its Looks!

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Carpets are the most treated on item in the home and the most dreaded item when it comes to cleaning it. But whatever said and done, caring for the carpet is essential as it is the one item that adds to the décor as well as increases the comfort level in the room. There are many carpet cleaning service providers that do a good job of cleaning the carpet but here are some tips that will help you in your carpet care before handing it over to the cleaners. Firstly when you buy the carpet, buy it from a store that provides maintenance of the same whenever required. Even if they charge you for the maintenance it is best to use their services as they are professionally trained for carpet care and keep it clean and tidy.

Some of the tips in carpet care include:

  • Stains and Spills Removal: Removing stains and spills of liquids can be quite challenging and when you want to care for your carpet it becomes difficult to do so. The fibers turn stiff and rough with the dried up liquids and as people walk on the carpets the fibers start to come off leaving the base of the carpet bare. So one of the first carpet care tips is to not allow the spills to become dry. The stains can become quite stubborn when dry and hence before it does so, the carpet should be cleaned. A dried up liquid can be very difficult to clean too.
  • Benefits of Steam Cleaning: Carpet care also includes steam cleaning process which must be done at least three to four times a year. Get a carpet cleaning agency to do the steam cleaning on the carpet as all the dirt and dust living under and in between the fibers is likely to come off.
  • Installing Thick Doormats at the Entrance: Doormats are usually found in most homes so people can leave the dust on their feet behind by rubbing it off on the doormats.  But sometimes     the dust gets carried into the homes and the carpets absorb them. They get stuck in between the fibers making the carpet look shabby and old.
  • Detergents and Cleaning Agents: Using mild detergents is good but the first attempt should be to use only water. If the mild stains can be removed with plain water then it is the safest way to do it. If the stains do not come off with water alone it is fine to use a mild detergent. But what must be definitely avoided is using hot water on the dirt or stain as it is likely to solidify and then it will be difficult to remove it at home.
  • Vacuum Cleaning: The use of vacuum cleaning is really easy to get the dirt and dust stuck beneath the fibers right on top. But it is the process of vacuuming that must be mastered. Each area where there is more dust or which looks shabby must be ironed out with the vacuum over and over again.

Carpet care can be quite a challenge if it is not too frequent and rigid. Small and minor cleaning jobs can be done quite easily but it is the stubborn stains and the wild dust that gets too tiresome. Nevertheless the outcome of all the work is definitely satisfying so keep caring for your carpet by following the tips given.


Spot carpet cleaning

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carpet cleaning 30 03 2012 086

When it comes to spot cleaning you have to be sure that the fibers of carpet and the top of the backing is clean before you move on to next spot. Because if it is not clean then the stain will surface again with time and your job of cleaning this stain may be in veins. 

The only reason that this rug will stay clean is because of this very backing being clean as well. I always recommend checking for those sign when I’m talking to my customers and you should be aware of this if you are cleaning stains all by yourself.