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Training yur dog

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training your petTraining your beloved dog can be much fun for you and your family, however one should always remember that training should be good time for your animal as those training will be carried over a long time and should always be a nice thing for animal if you want those to be carried over the time dog is on his own and without your supervising eye.

Dogs have phenomenal talent to please their master and read their reactions to certain behavior, interestingly one reaction may not be equal to other in perception of animal. if you should at the dog and give him angry look and then second after you will be padding your dog and playing with him, the animal will  be total confused and will see this as a good type of attention that he is getting.

Furthermore one should make sure that pet is in good condition when trained, should not be yelled at and reward orientated training is always way forward to maintain training after it is all gone. It is proven by Dr Florence that training animal with negative system of reinforcement will damage relationship between animal and owners, this will only cause unnecessary stress for owners in future with their animal behaving in undesirable way.

However at the same time raising pet without boundaries may create dog that will be badly behaving and causing damages to the household or simply behave aggressively.

In conclusion one should always raise dog with empathy and appreciation of its unique characteristics as a animal. And always have ti have lots of patients and understanding that what is desired from dog may not be that obvious for your beloved pet. It is not natural for pet to be on the leash, however it is natural for pet not to pee in its nest and even mother of this young dog would teach them this very thing at the infant stage.