Does Carpet protector really work?

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“My carpets rarely stay clean,” Or “the carpet is too old,” Or “again I have to change my carpet” – all of you have become fed up of the endless need for changing your carpets time and again. It may be because of wear and tear, accidental spillage, or mostly happens if you have children at your home. It can really get tiresome at one point; why don’t you try using a carpet protector? Wait, what’s that and how does it work?

How does a carpet protector work ir advantages of a carpet protector

Basically, the carpet protector is like a particular kind of material that prevents the carpet fibre from absorbing the spilt items. If you accidentally pour something on your unprotected carpet, usually the carpet’s fibres absorb the substance and instantly creates a stain or even sometimes, a smell.

  • Prevents absorption – A carpet protector performs by repelling powder dust landed on the carpet’s fibres and prevents the dust and the fibre from absorbing the spilt substance. Okay, now we know what is its function, but does it actually take care of carpets as it promises? This brings us to our next item, which is how authentic is their price to performance ratio.
  • Protection from UV – It often offers ultraviolet protection to minimise the fading of colour or design made on the carpet in the direct sun exposure.
  • Regular wear and tear – In addition to all advantages you read above, a carpet protector will also safeguard you against regular wear and tear.

Does a carpet protector really work as promised?

In today’s era, though might charge a lot, you get many carpet designs that come inbuilt with a special material that is easily cleanable. In that case, you don’t really need a carpet protector. To get a long-lasting and worth-it result, you have to follow certain rules while buying a carpet protector.

  • Choose the best carpet protector brand – Although most common carpet protectors do keep their promises, you should be picky about which brand you are choosing. Don’t rely on a newly launched brand with less good reviews or less experience just because they are offering you at half the market price. Because then, it will probably last for less than half time as compared to branded items.
  • Cleaning before installation – the next and last important thing to keep in mind is that always apply a protector after thoroughly cleaning your carpet by a professional cleaner. Clean your carpet thoroughly to remove previous grease, stains, hairs, pet hairs, or even plain dust and dirt. Given that, there will be lesser chances of re-soiling of previous spilt spots, and your carpet will last longer. You also get professional carpet cleaning services where you are purchasing the protector.


Even if you don’t spill anything too often, a carpet protector will be a good investment as it also shields the fabric from fading its colour too soon. Essentially, this is specifically useful in high-traffic or air polluted areas and for residents having children and pets. A carpet protector from a trustworthy brand does work satisfactorily and is totally worth the money, so don’t think otherwise.