Is using rental carpet cleaners worth it?

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Came across rental carpet cleaners but not sure whether they work or if you should rent one? Here’s a fact check before you decide. If you accidentally pour something on your unprotected carpet, usually the carpet’s fibres absorb the substance and instantly creates a stain or even sometimes, a smell. Carpet cleaning is an important regime you should keep track of regularly if you own carpets or rent public gathering places. You may have thought of renting a carpet cleaner but check these out first.

  • Money:Firstly, the money factor – renting is considered costlier than owning in the long term. A rental cleaner takes around the same money totalling 5 months of rent if you buy one. So, if you calculate properly, you will see, you are paying more for a one year rent than if you had owned one. Thus, if you require it regularly for 6 months or more, skip renting it.

It’s better to own a carpet cleaning machine than to rent a carpet cleaner. But should you even rent one?

  • Drying time

If you have already rented a carpet cleaner once, you will know this is a fact. Drying time of a rental carpet cleaner typically ranges from a couple of hours to even as high as 10 hours.

Additionally, the drying time increases further for carpets having deep stains, because they take more cleaning liquid for the task. Also, users comment that the carpets have to be kept away from being stamped when they are still wet. All these add up to one conclusion – rental carpet cleaners are not that useful in time-saving and usage aspects.

  • Not the best chemicals provided.

Carpet cleaning solutions are chemicals do more harm than good. Choosing an improper cleaning solution not suitable for your carpet fabric can lead to permanent damage. You may even end up discoloring your carpets. Even if you do plenty of research, you cannot find that one product that is perfect for your carpet. This is because neither the manufacturers of the chemicals nor the carpet disclose all exact ingredients (for product) and fabric (used in carpet). You cannot even predict how a chemical will on your carpet when put into the machine. This is the reason why even patch tests before cleaning a carpet fails often.

  • May be unsafe

Most of the time, you won’t know the previous whereabouts of your rental carpet cleaners. Sometimes,they may have been used in the past to clean apartments which were more nastier than others. Rental carpet cleaners are often used to clean several pet urine and poop, dirty public toilets, sewage backup and even blood. Renting a carpet cleaner will only add up to the chances of acquiring a severe disease or contamination.

The best solution we recommend:

Hire a carpet cleaning professional in your area having certification from government agencies. Do your research well, compare prices, reviews, previous experience of the technician, and certifications before closing a deal.