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This is something that we consider at DMcarpet, however you do not expect to get link exchange or anything like that. We do not sell links and other black hat like that, so be honest and make sure that your contribution will be of good quality and will be helpful to our readers that are counted in hundreds now and we are looking to increase this substantially.

If you are wishing to post on our blog relevant content that could be beneficial and you would like to present your creative writing with some relevant content you are at the right place. Simply drop an email at to discus this in details and make sure to include your expected topic or you original blog with bio.

We are getting many requests from organizations that would like to post blogs, however their methods are not desirable by our web administrator and are rejected. It is not simply about content that they are sending, it looks to be good quality, however they would have something not very relevant to the theme of our blog and this show that those bloggers ar not very serious about contributing to our readers and subscribers that by May 2014 are in over 1k. Something that I am very happy about.

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