Car valeting – how to get water marks from seats

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Car cleaning can be fun or extreme boredom if you have to do it to frequently, especially if your a pet owner and take your pet in the car for trips and so on. When it comes to cleaning fur from you car it is something that should be done after every time you carry your pet otherwise you will gather not only fur, bat also dandruff and other unwanted organic matter that twill produce smell and irritation to respiratory system that at the end of the day are not wanted if you have anybody in family suffering from sensitive respiration.

Car seats are very easy to get stains on them, sometime it can be simply from spillages or water stains from rain or other sources. All those are not that difficult to remove if you wish to work on them, one thing that you have to make sure is that there are not organic matter in those stains. So that there will be no smell coming from those stains that a the end of the day will cause unpleasant smell. Once you are sure about this being clean from organic matter, you can either go with:

steam cleaning –  that you could probably borrow from a friend or simply rent out, however latter option may be more expensive then just simply hire remote valet to do your seats.

Car valeting – this could be one of your options, and they will be able to get those marks out without any problem, I would recommend calling them first to ask about price.

Washing up liquid – this could be used to get the stains out, however for this to work you need to have water extraction equipment that can be rather expensive to rent and you should be prepared to spend some time with experimenting on your fabric to get best results possible,.

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