Carpet Cleaning Cardiff

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Recent changes in Cardiff residential market have shown to be very beneficial for our business, we are hoping to expand operation in to many more areas and with that we will be employing more technicians. Those new employees will be professionally trained in carpet treatment, with much emphasize on the customer communication and building good relationships is main objective of ours. That is why our recruitment process will be of great importance for our organization success, that is why we need to have good and friendly relationship with out associates so that we can trust them to do great job for our customers.

My idea of some preliminary interview was to gather interviewees in bute park and primarily do some physical activity tests, this whey I’ll get idea on how eager they are to work hard for our company. However someone suggested that I may be liable in case something happen to them in course of my try, that is why my dream of carpet cleaning technicians doing some running and stuff in park have fallen apart. never mind, I’ll still think of something that will give me idea on their physical activeness and further.

I will love idea to develop my company to grow and for me to gain this new experience of managing people and motivating them to do great job for my organization.

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