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How to extend the life of your carpet

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When you put up new carpeting in your house, you expect it to be a venture that should keep going for a long time. With a rough use of the carpet by children, gatherings, and pets that love to share your space, stains can catch up easily. Here are a couple of floor carpet cleaning guidelines for effective living that may help guarantee the lifespan of your carpet.

Though you won’t have the option to make your carpets last a lifetime, regardless of how hard you attempt. Nonetheless, if you need to guarantee that it keeps going as long as might be possible, you have to observe a couple of general guidelines.

Floor Mats

Using floor mats within and outside of each passage is an incredible method of keeping your carpet away from dirt. Simply remember to clean these as well.

Incessant Vacuuming

Perhaps the simplest approach to control the amount of soil and dirt that gathers on your carpet is to vacuum it. Everyday vacuuming may appear to be a difficult task on your own, however, it really can help remove dirt and hair particles that would somehow subside into your floor carpet strands.

Stain Protector

Using a floor carpet stain protector offers a layer of assurance against dirt, water, microorganisms, and oil and water-based stains. Regardless of whether you purchased your floor carpet with a stain defender included, it wears out over time and needs to be applied after each expert cleaning.

Eliminate Spots Right Away

To diminish the probability of lasting stains, make certain to clean spots and spills immediately. Ensure you smudge, don’t scour!

Household  Dusting

Dust residue that keeps accumulating over time. Like sweeping your floor, dusting your carpet each day will help remove trapped dirt that lands on your floor and your carpet.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air goes through your home’s HVAC framework and into the air conduits. Microbes, dust, and allergens are frequently caught in this space and in the end clear their path through your home’s air vents and onto the carpets. Having your air pipes expertly cleaned decreases dust and improves air quality.

Regular expert Cleaning

Expert guidelines suggest that you professionally clean your floor carpets with high temp water every 1.5 years. It will make your rugs cleaner, more beneficial, and dependable; and it will likewise shield your floor carpet from expiring way too early.

Break Carpet Maintenance

Customary expert cleaning of carpets isn’t the only time you should clean your floor carpets. Break Carpet Maintenance refers to the rug cleaning that needs to be done in between the timings when professional cleaning is not being done.


To guarantee the best floor carpet life and appearance, you should have a decent upkeep plan that incorporates appropriately applied cleaning methods, arrangements, gear and abilities and a regular timetable. Lastly, don’t let your carpet stay unclean with spills for a long time. It will become next to impossible for you to bring the carpet back to its original charm. Follow these steps even when you don’t hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure the best for your carpet.


Does Carpet protector really work?

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“My carpets rarely stay clean,” Or “the carpet is too old,” Or “again I have to change my carpet” – all of you have become fed up of the endless need for changing your carpets time and again. It may be because of wear and tear, accidental spillage, or mostly happens if you have children at your home. It can really get tiresome at one point; why don’t you try using a carpet protector? Wait, what’s that and how does it work?

How does a carpet protector work ir advantages of a carpet protector

Basically, the carpet protector is like a particular kind of material that prevents the carpet fibre from absorbing the spilt items. If you accidentally pour something on your unprotected carpet, usually the carpet’s fibres absorb the substance and instantly creates a stain or even sometimes, a smell.

  • Prevents absorption – A carpet protector performs by repelling powder dust landed on the carpet’s fibres and prevents the dust and the fibre from absorbing the spilt substance. Okay, now we know what is its function, but does it actually take care of carpets as it promises? This brings us to our next item, which is how authentic is their price to performance ratio.
  • Protection from UV – It often offers ultraviolet protection to minimise the fading of colour or design made on the carpet in the direct sun exposure.
  • Regular wear and tear – In addition to all advantages you read above, a carpet protector will also safeguard you against regular wear and tear.

Does a carpet protector really work as promised?

In today’s era, though might charge a lot, you get many carpet designs that come inbuilt with a special material that is easily cleanable. In that case, you don’t really need a carpet protector. To get a long-lasting and worth-it result, you have to follow certain rules while buying a carpet protector.

  • Choose the best carpet protector brand – Although most common carpet protectors do keep their promises, you should be picky about which brand you are choosing. Don’t rely on a newly launched brand with less good reviews or less experience just because they are offering you at half the market price. Because then, it will probably last for less than half time as compared to branded items.
  • Cleaning before installation – the next and last important thing to keep in mind is that always apply a protector after thoroughly cleaning your carpet by a professional cleaner. Clean your carpet thoroughly to remove previous grease, stains, hairs, pet hairs, or even plain dust and dirt. Given that, there will be lesser chances of re-soiling of previous spilt spots, and your carpet will last longer. You also get professional carpet cleaning services where you are purchasing the protector.


Even if you don’t spill anything too often, a carpet protector will be a good investment as it also shields the fabric from fading its colour too soon. Essentially, this is specifically useful in high-traffic or air polluted areas and for residents having children and pets. A carpet protector from a trustworthy brand does work satisfactorily and is totally worth the money, so don’t think otherwise.



Best types of tiles & Grout Sealants & their benefits

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Searching for the best tiles & grout sealants? or getting confused about which will be the best choice for the flooring of rooms, kitchens & bathrooms? Have a look at our choice of different types of tiles, grout sealants along with their benefits and a make a perfect choice for yourself to suit your needs.


Ceramic tiles are the most widely used tiles and also the first choice of a lot of peoples because of their allrounder benefits. High durability & low maintenance make ceramic tiles perfect for any space in the house such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. Any type of stains and dirt are super easy to wipe. Ceramic floorings can last up to 15-20 years and even more if maintained well. It’s water resistance & eco-friendly features are just cherries on the cake.


Marble tiles are one of the premium looking tiles & hence their price falls on a little higher side. However, they truly enhance the elegance & quality of the space. They come with multiple colors & even in the stunning mixture of different colors which offers you a wide variety. 


Mosaic tiles are also considered as one of the most beautiful & gorgeous flooring solutions and the most demanding choice for decorative purposes. Glass mosaics are generally non-porous and a great resistant to stains, mildew & mold. Even if you get some dirt, it’s very easy to clean. Although, these tiles are quite durable but if any breakage occurs it also has a high cost of maintenance. So, if you ain’t much bothered about the expenses then it can give you some of the most stylish & creative flooring possible.


Travertine is a mid-range flooring solution when compared to other natural stones. While being a luxury & beautiful option, it also provides great affordability than granite or marble floorings. It is a kind of limestone & comes with a lot of varieties of earth tones like browns, tans, rust, and beige. One of the most appealing aspects of Travertine is its classic appearance. It has been also used in many ancient architectures since Roman times. So, if you have a classical choice, then definitely you should go with this stylish & durable tile which will also increase the real estate value.

Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles are extremely durable. These tiles are well known for their very low water absorption rate which gives them most trusted slip-resistant feature naturally & of course this is the best choice when it comes to the bathroom flooring. Although, it is very thick & unbreakable but you have to take good care of these tiles when it comes to liquid stains & dirt.


Grout sealing is a necessary procedure during tile flooring. While in most cases grout consists of sand which is porous, that’s why you need a grout sealant to seal it well &to give a perfect finish to tiles. There are different types of grout sealants available.

Spray Sealants

These are the usually better choice for smooth & free from void surfaces. It is not for amateurs; you need to have the professional expertise to use it. It provides you good control over the quantity of sealants being used but needs good care during its application to avoid over-spraying.

Membrane Sealants 

These kinds of sealants are best suitable for those who live in damp conditions but not an ideal choice for bathrooms because they’ll not let grouts dry & the water trapped in it can harm the tiles.

Applicator Sealants

These types of sealants are very easy to use & apply. It can be applied directly to the grout with the help of brush and even rollers. But you need a professional hand to pull out perfection. These types of sealants need to reapply every 1 to 2 years.

Penetrating Sealants 

These types of sealants merge with the grouts & change their appearance. It also increases the elegance of your tiles. These sealants are the best choice when it comes to applying a darker look on the grouts


What are the main differences between truck mounted carpet cleaner and portable machine?

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Hot water extraction machines could use for carpet cleaning. To keep a guarantee accurate, carpet producers need cleaning every 12-18 months. Truck mounting and free cleaning of carpets are two distinct techniques. Let us discuss them.

Difference between Trucks mounted carpet cleaner and portable machine

  1. Efficiency

Ultimately, the difference comes in the power of the vacuum. Truck mounts can give them more strength than a portable computer. While a Truck mount will still have higher water pressure, the vacuum power is adequate to dry several carpets during 4 – 6 hours, not much less than that. Portables don’t have that strength and can’t efficiently heat carpets.

A portable carpet cleaner can only hit between 125-150 PSI. It’s not much, so if the professionals don’t make sure the wash managed appropriately, you will leave on the carpet with the solution.

For a decent Truck mounts, should wash carpet at up to 300-400 PSI, which is more than likely.

These can go up to 3,000 PSI, but this water pressure point should only use on hard floors. A higher PSI helps absorb all stains, fibres, and oils to wash thoroughly.

  1. Reasons for that

They must leave for Twenty-four hours to meet the required drying process. It helps stains to wick up and is a significant drawback for customers. Great vacuum suction also enables stains, grease, dirt, dust, and other compressed gases removed appropriately.

The additional heat used to dissolve the dirt, grease, and pollutants in a carpet more efficiently.

It also requires less cleaning solution to be used, which is beneficial to the climate.

For the deep cleaning, a vacuum cleaner has to wash out of a carpet adequately. If this is not the case, then any solution left in the carpet will accumulate soil and cause the rug to get dirtier more quickly.

  1. Cost of Machines

When evaluating portable to Truck mounts, pricing is a significant factor. The truck-mounted carpet cleaner cost so much 11,951.53 British Pounds, where portable machine cost is just 4,000 British Pounds.

  1. Cost of Treatment

A Truck mount is more costly. It would be best if you got it out every day to make it worth it,

You likely won’t do it anywhere in a Highrise building and one where you can’t even keep a door wide open due to its high security, and you will need to consider all of that into account before you spend money for one. Since Truck mounts could be hard to teach people on, there are far more common errors that may also be expensive. It is much more labour-intensive to manage Truck mounts as the gaskets and dumping doors have to be checked and washed periodically. When anyone is just starting in the business, we will suggest starting with portables. Once they decide their needs of the customer, they will assess how to modify them.


You will undoubtedly conclude from all of this that Truck mounts will give customers a better clean. These offer hotter water, higher water pressure, and much more potent vacuum suction for a significantly superior overall cleanliness.