Office Cleaning

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I have substantial amount of office cleaning in my time as a carpet cleaning professional, from my perspective and for those that are looking to go in to this line of business I can tell you that it takes longed then you would think. My recent project was in one of the offices in Cardiff center next to bus station, and I can tell you that I was so optimistic at the beginning thinking that it will take me up two hours and I’ll be out of it with nicely done job, however I could not be further from truth.

First of all contractor that I was working for asked me to do bit more then I have quoted him for at the initial pricing and this added to time expected there. Furthermore there was a time restrain that was over my head with only 3h of time available for a job that was of a substantial size and some stains required to be worked on more then usual and this have been eating in to time there. Beside those downsides, I manage to finish entire office with the time frame that I had to be out, and at the end of it I was soaking wet from hard work that I had to put in to the place. That is one of the reasons why I like my job, not only I get great results that I can see I also get great workout that would be hard for me to achieve in the gym. No one would pay me to do cardio on treadmill:)

I think that I’ll be finding myself great in construction industry in future as this is something where one can see results of ones work and by this get great satisfaction from accomplished projects that will be benefiting those in community and employees.

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