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Though it is the interior of the home that should be more functional and comfortable the exterior too must be given ample consideration as it is the basic structure of the home and which gives an idea of what lies inside.  Since all kinds of problems begin from the exterior, it is necessary to make the exterior strong and durable. So using high quality materials is of prime importance.  Material that do not get affected by the variations in the climatic conditions, by pests and rodents, by the falling leaves and dried branches if there are trees surrounding the house and by the moisture in the air.

One of the first things to take care in the exterior is the landscaping which adds to the beauty of the home and the garden. Depending on the area and space that is there in the front and on the sides of the house, it is possible to create a beautiful landscape. You can also make the outside functional by placing a jogging track around the house. This will add to the exterior value of the house.  A swing for the kids to play on and a small water theme like a fountain or a pool are all added attractions to the exterior designing of the home.  In case you don’t already have these attractions, you can get a makeover done on the exterior of the house and add these when getting your home improvement done.

Spread out some cane or plastic fiber furniture around the pool if there is one or else in the garden to make it a place where one could relax and enjoy the company of a few friends. The furniture outside can be matched with that in the interior though it need not be an exact match but it should sync in well with the interior furniture in color or other themes.

The exterior color of the paint should be such that it should not be jarring to the eye. The subtle colors should have a calming effect on the eye and must keep the interiors of the house cool. Colors should be neutral shades as most people prefer to buy homes with such colors. If you chose a color that was unique, there wouldn’t be many buyers for it as most people prefer the neutral colors. Moreover, windows and doors play and important role in making the house look good from the exterior. The shape of the windows and the doors are significant in its matching with the size of the walls and the house.


Keeping the exterior of your home in good shape also means that you get good value for your money when you plan to sell the house. A well maintained exterior is sure to bring in buyers and their interest will be maintained with the exterior that looks good.

Why these minor home improvements can be significant is that they do not cost much and are quite affordable. And with a good returns on its re-sale value the home improvements on the exterior is a definite way to make your home worthwhile.

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