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Green carpet cleaning and its importance

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Carpet cleaning is a back-breaking task that a homeowner will often worry about. It is having a huge influence in cleanliness of the house and is given utmost attention. Some homeowners worry about cleanliness of the carpets and don’t even realize that the cleaning methods they use for cleaning their carpets can have some adverse effects on environment.

We have a wide range of cleaning solutions available in today’s market. However, they are made of harmful chemicals which can have some adverse effects on our surroundings. You need to employ eco-friendly solutions to clean your carpets and save our planet earth.

In the recent years, we have learnt about many eco-friendly options that are actually helpful for green initiative in cleaning carpets. There are many homemade cleaning solutions which can be given a try and these eco friendly solutions have no harmful effects on our environment. There are many professional carpet cleaners who claim to be green. However, not all of them are really true. It is essential to find the right green carpet cleaner. Let’s discuss the important points to be considered while hiring a good green carpet cleaner.

  • A green carpet cleaner uses the best possible eco-friendly cleaning methods.
  • The chemicals in the cleaning solution should be safe to use and eco friendly as well.
  • They should also use cleaning equipment which doesn’t cause any pollution.  If a carpet cleaning company uses eco friendly cleaning solutions but operates equipment that burns around three gallons of gas per hour; are they really green? They are definitely not. Green carpet cleaners must use energy efficient equipment besides using eco friendly/green chemicals.
  • Last but not the least; a green carpet cleaner should ensure that they dump off their water properly.  They should ensure that the contaminated water is not disposed into drinking water system.

In the nut shell, a good carpet cleaner should use green chemicals along with an energy efficient system and dispose all the waste in an eco-friendly fashion.

Hiring a green carpet cleaner is essential for many reasons. Let’s discuss few of them.

  • The obvious reason is they are eco-friendly and are better for our planet earth.
  • The equipment they use doesn’t burn any gasoline during cleaning, which means they will not pollute air.
  • They use little water unlike other cleaners. This is essential as the supply of water is getting lower every day.

Hiring a green carpet cleaner is considered important because they are safe for our environment and our family as well. Green chemicals used for cleaning carpets are eco-friendly.

Some people might worry whether the green carpet cleaning solutions might be less effective when compared to the normal chemical cleaning solutions. Green chemicals used for cleaning carpets are equally as effective and efficient as common chemical based cleaning solutions.

By now, you must have known the basics of green carpet cleaning solutions, why to use and how to choose a green carpet cleaner. Fortunately, the green movement is getting stronger day by day. With little research, you can find a good green carpet cleaner in your locations, perhaps many.


Home Remedies for carpet cleaning:

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A carpet that covers your home floor is supposed to be the busiest one. It receives multiple stains from you visitor’s shoes to your kid’s remains everything is often stick to your carpet. The vacuum cleaning does not always work efficiently against them. This is why you need to adopt several other strong agents that could be useful enough in removing all sorts of stains from the carpet skin. The carpet is supposed to be an expensive commodity and hence it should be carefully utilized.

There are many different types of carpets available in the flea stores and you might find a huge variety in their material and colors. While dealing with any stained carpet with reference to it cleaning its very important that you check the type of the mattress first, because you cannot apply all treatments to all of the carpets.

Though there are countless commercially available detergents which can be useful in dealing with several carpet stains but they are not thought to be safe for both your and carpet skin. They can cause discoloration and skin allergies. This is why it is preferable to deal with such issues with homemade remedies.

The following are a few solutions which can help in dealing with such problems they are all easy to practice and are safe and cost effective.


Ordinary salt:

Instead of removing most of the stains with the help of shampoo and other such detergents avoid messy situations by using ordinary table salt. When you sprinkle salt over the fresh stain it absorbs most of its effect from the surface by leaving the surface clean without any damage.

Baking Soda

Though baking soda is very useful in baking cakes and other items but it is also beneficial in cleaning your carpet. When your carpet come in contact with any sort of coffee or tea stain do not worry just pour a lot of soda over the stain and leave it for few minutes, you will see that after few moments bubbles will start appearing and your stains will no longer exist afterwards. This is the time when you have to clean it with a tissue paper or any piece of fabric.

White Distilled Vinegar

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIn case of any of the grease stain you can use an easy homemade solution to get rid of it. All you have to do is simply mix half cup vinegar in 2 cups water and then add a few drops of ammonia in the solution now it is ready to remove the stains from the service of your carpet.

Shaving Cream:

Shaving cream is a very useful item for any household because of its efficient usage. It can be utilize in removing blood and pasta stains from the carpet. All you have to do is spray the cream over the stain and then leave it for a while after this you have to rinse the surface with cold water.

This is how you can use certain easy and cost affective tips to clean up your carpet


This post is written by Maya and she is a housewife and also a guest blogger she love writing posts regarding home remedies for cleaning carpets, modern leather beds, sofas and large double beds.


Carpet Care and Cleaning Tips

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Carpet problems

There are many sources of the carpet problems that can occur  some of those are explained that could be of help for you. Some methods to remove the stains and depressions after the furniture.

The quicker you act, the better chance you have of removing any staining that have been placed on the carpet.
Once a stain has dried it is much more difficult to remove, always make sure that it is acted immediately after the stain.

Preventing is Better than Cure

Prevention is best thing to help your carpet on the way to get better life spam and look in your home, removing footwear and placing rugs on some high traffic areas will prove to be very beneficial for your carpets.


Furthermore hoovering is of great importance, this will remove dust mites and some soil from your carpet when it is heavily used. Allergenic substances are often dormant in the carpets and it is greatly recommend to hoover at least once a week.

How to remove some common stains:

Most important this when it comes to removing some types of stains is to act on the immediately after they are placed and by this one can proven them being very problematic cot remove in future.

For liquid stains:



  • remove as much of a liquid as it is possible from the carpet
  • then make sure to use spot remover, or washing up liquid solution with water. Remember to use the absorbing cloth to get the stain out of the carpet rather then rub it inside.

For bulky staining, like food spills:

  • scrape up the food or other stain and makes sure that as much as possible has been removed and then you can apply the procedure from the liquid stains. DO NOT RUB IN.

Before using any cleaning detergent you should always make sure that it will not bleach, this can be done on area that is not visible and by testing your solution there. Furthermore make sure that you know type of your carpet, is it natural or synthetic.

Chewing Gum: press ice cube against the chewing gum, once it is hard it will be easily removable.

Wine: first and most important action is to remove any wine that have not soaked in to the carpet first thing after the spillage. Then you can apply the cleaning solution of your choice.

Removing depressions left in Carpet by furniture


One of the very frustration facts about moving your furniture around is the fact that after the move you may have some depression left after the fact and that this may not look very nice. However one can prevent this by using steaming of the carpet, temperature will uplift the fibers and give them some motivation to come back to the original position.

If you do not have any steam generator, you can use some other very old method. Iron, this will provide some great source of the steam to your carpet and by this you can raise the depressions. However make sure that the iron does not touches the carpet and that only the steam is affecting the carpet.