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Painting Tips for the Newbie DIY Enthusiasts!

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Most people are always excited about the décor of their home but don’t really know from where to begin. One of the best painting tips is to begin   decorating the home is by starting out with the color you want the house to be painted in. The excitement continues in choosing the color, deciding on the color of the room in the interior and the exterior of the entire house and above all the brand you prefer to use. So once this is decided it’s time to put your imagination and creativity into practice and that’s where you would need a few painting tips if you were a newbie in this domain. If you are planning to paint the home by yourself, a few of the following painting tips would help you complete the job in the best possible way.

Firstly it is good for a person new to painting the home to know the   procedures that are usually carried out before the actual painting and they include:

  1. Sanding: The process is the first in the list of procedures carried out in preparing the walls that need to be painted. Using a sand paper the walls are smoothened so that when the paint is applied it does not bulge out. Sanding the walls ensure that the paint spreads evenly and also helps the paint remain gripped to the wall.
  2. Patching: Patch up the small cracks and crevices with concrete before starting out on the painting job. This procedure makes the walls more even all over and when painting dents will not be visible.
  3. Caulking:  This process of filling up helps the small areas around the windows, casings of the doors, edges of walls and other areas in the walls to be filled up so that there is a smooth finish before the painting is done. Use primers to fill up the patches in order to make the walls even.
  4. Painting: This is the final stage when you start the painting job. It is best to start at the ceiling and come down the walls.

Once you are done with all the preparations above its time to start the painting job and by following a few painting tips given below for a DIY novice, the job is sure to be well –done.

  • When you buy paint ensure you have made a correct estimate of the cans of paint you are likely to need. It might be difficult to get the same shade again. Remember to shop for high quality paint and painting equipments. A gallon of paint would be needed to cover 400-450 Sq Ft
  • When buying paint ensures that it includes the primer in it so you don’t need to buy one separately.
  • When painting, never dip the entire part of the bristles into the paint, but dip on a third of the length of the bristles. This way you can avoid the clogging of paint.
  • Consult with an expert before embarking on your painting experiment so that you don’t make irreversible errors.

Following these tips is sure to give you the confidence in getting the painting job well done and giving your home the freshness it needs.


Faqs Answered With Painting Tips For The Novice DIY Painter!

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Buying a home is always a dream that comes true for most people and once the dream has come through, it is time to plan out the décor. The process of any planning starts out with the shopping for the materials and this is where a lot of people make mistakes due to ignorance about the materials or because of not attaching much significance to it. Whatever be the reason a little caution and care can go a long way in ensuring that the painting of your home is a job well done using the best of materials and the choice of the perfect color.

How to identify the type of emulsion paint needed for the house?

carpet cleaning cardiffThere are basically two types of emulsion paint and they include the vinyl emulsion usually used in the interiors and the emulsion paint used for the exterior.  Vinyl emulsion is basically made up of different chemicals so it should not be used on wood or metal but is perfect for painting a concrete wall. The exterior emulsion on the other hand is blended with chemicals to make it strong and resilient so that it is not affected with the varying weather conditions that might be extreme too.  This is more durable than the vinyl type and that is why it is better used on the wall of the exterior part of the house.

What kind of paint is good to be used on wood and metal?

For painting wood or metal, using oil paint is most suitable as it does not react on the wood or metal. Oil paint needs more time to dry and that is why it is best done when the weather is dry or is warmer. A primer must be used on the wood or metal surface in order to bind the oil paint on the wooden or metallic surface. There are specific types of primers available for wood and for metal and only those must be used for each type.  Once the oil paint drips on the floor or stains a wall it is best to wipe it off immediately using petrol or white or Methylated spirits.

Where should the painting begin from?

The painting should always start from the ceiling as any dripping from the ceiling can be removed on the walls. But if the walls are already painted the drippings are likely to be marred. Moreover, to get the right finish on the walls and wall colors reflect better under a well painted ceiling.

What is the painting equipments needed to paint the house?

There are many equipments that a painter needs to get the job well done but buying the best quality equipments ensure that the job is done in the most professional manner and also getting the job done becomes easy and simple. Some of the painting equipments needed include a power roller to apply the paint, different types of paint brushes especially ones that can be used on the sharp edges and smooth curves, scrapping paper, sprayers with which a smoother finish is achieved and also the sprayer can be used to create designs on the wall, metal ladders, and finally a good number of dirty towels, pieces of smooth cloth and a few buckets.