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Home Improvement Ideas That Make Your House A Home

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Once the home has been built and lived in there comes a time when it becomes imperative to either increase the space in terms of area due to increase in the number of members in the family or for the need for extra space. Whatever is the reason improvements made on the home help to keep the building stable and strong and also with the painting and other work being done regularly there is always freshness to the home. Moreover, home improvement done regularly also helps to identify and malfunction in the building that might lead to major disasters. Hence this can be avoided with early detection.

WP_20140708_004There are a large number of home improvement companies that do the job for you but it is best if they implement your ideas rather than leave the ideas to them. The home improvement agencies might be technically sound in providing advice on how your ideas can be implemented but since it is you living in the house, the practical side of living can be better understood by you and hence the home improvement ideas must be your own. Though ideas for home improvement may not find common ground as each house is unique it is possible to generate ideas from the following list of suggestions.

  • It is beneficial for the company as well as the owner to have a home improvement plans ready in place as it can facilitate the discussions between the company and the owner, on the pros and cons of the designs. Such discussions also must include the presence of   home building consultants as they are more familiar with the geological as well as the geographical conditions of the local region.
  • Track lighting adds glamour to the home so if you have plans to change the outside lighting this is a good idea.
  • Make a change to LED lighting if you don’t already have it as this is more economical in terms of energy and the bills.
  • Add to the storage facilities by utilizing space available in the garage if you have one. Also any space outside the home at the backyard is a great way to build storage cabins there. It is best not to opt for the readymade storage cabins available in the market.
  • Wall papers that have a very good finish and are great to add glamour to the homes are available in the market. It is a good idea to consider that for the walls in the rooms.
  • Identify all the malfunctioning HVAC and the plumbing fixtures and have them either replaced or repaired. This way you can get the work done in one shot.
  • Today with a number of fixtures for kitchens available it is possible to easily convert the kitchen from looking drab and dreary to bright and lively some with some interestingly new ideas.

Therefore, now all you need to do is play on these ideas, customize them to suit your needs and make thosehome improvement changes for a spanking new and modern home.


Top Don’ts For Repairing or Remodeling Home Plumbing System

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Getting a glimpse of what your contractor is thinking can give you a new perspective for your home plumbing remodeling projects whether you are working with a general contractor or act as one on any of your projects. In this regard, it is always important to understand what you need to do and what you need not to do. Sometimes, a remodeling project can negatively be affected by the instinct of homeowner.

Simplify Your Home Plumbing Remodeling:

How will you identify whether you are helping or distracting the contractor? Read the following tips.

  • Don’t Delay Decision:

If you want to make your remodel go smoothly, make every decision before the work actually starts. A good contractor might inform you about different situations but such situations do not usually delay the project. It is the decisions about the paint, faucets and trim that are important although they seem very small. However, a slight problem in any one of them can delay the remodeling for weeks.

  • Do Not Change Your Mind Much:

Although remodeling a plumbing system is a progressive and iterative project yet you should not change your mind too much as it will force you to change the entire plan or schedule. Again, these changes may seem small but they will definitely increase cost and the time to complete the project causing the schedule to alter.

  • Never Purchase Your Own Material:

It is perhaps the best method to save money while repairing your home plumbing or any other part. You might argue that a contractor will definitely mark up the cost of the material and pass it on to you. Even then the contractor will be in better positions to obtain lower prices and you will be in benefit even after paying the mark up.

  • Evaluate the Existing Condition:

Sometimes it is much better to install a new plumbing system altogether instead of expending heavy money on remodeling and repairs. Therefore, there is no need to install fancy faucets in the house with blocked or rusted pipes that are also contaminated. Sometimes, it is advisable to call the professionals and be open to their suggestions.

  • No Contingency Fund, No Work:

It is never possible to set a realistic budget for any project let alone home plumbing repairs. Therefore, never star the work if you do not have spare money to cope with unexpected expenditures. However, if you have planned and scheduled well, you will be able to save almost 5% of your contingency money as well with a good contractor.

  • No Kids and Pets:

It is never safe to have pets and children around the construction site and therefore keep yours away as well. Although, workers will try to accommodate them yet it is your duty to take them away.

  • Don’t Live in the Home:

Mostly people ignore this rule and the reason is straight forward. Remodeling is an expensive project and moving will just add cost to the expenditure. However, what you can do is to schedule some time away and also set up a comfortable and clean place to relax that is away from the messy and congested construction area.


These are some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want your contractor to pay full attention to remodeling without any distraction.




Plumbing Maintenance in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. In fact, the adage “the kitchen never sleeps” may be true for some households.

The most common appliances in the kitchen are the refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, and dishwasher, while the sink and kitchen cabinets make up the furniture. These are all associated with cooking and food preparation, but the kitchen is also known for something else – washing.

It is here where people wash foods, dishes, their hands, and sometimes even the laundry. It is for these functions that make plumbing maintenance in the kitchen important. While it is still possible to cook the most delicious foods in the kitchen without a well maintained plumbing, food cleanliness will be compromised which may often result to illnesses and diseases.

Functions of Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen plumbing has two functions: (1) to deliver water from the main source to the taps and (2) to drain down waste water from the kitchen sink to the sewage system safely away from the home. Here are just three kitchen plumbing maintenance tips based on the two functions.

Three Steps in Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance

First, take good care of the taps to avoid loosening the valves and fittings. Be careful when turning them open and shut. We have become so familiar with the kitchen faucet that it’s so easy to turn them left-right or up-down carelessly. Children have a tendency to do this. It won’t hurt to teach them how to handle kitchen plumbing fixtures properly.

Second, make it a point to schedule preventive plumbing maintenance care with a professional plumber. It is important to fix or replace leaky, damaged or burst pipes to make sure water doesn’t get contaminated. Damaged pipes should be repaired immediately once detected to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse.

And third, clean the kitchen sink after every use and make sure to remove hair, food and any debris from the strainer so that they won’t clog the drain pipe. If the drain does get clogged, try doing these three things to get it unclogged:

1. Use the plunger to loosen whatever it is that’s blocking the pipes. The pressure from the plunger could either siphon the clogged debris back onto the sink or shatter them into tiny pieces so you could flush them down the drain without any problem.

2. If the plunger won’t work, mix white vinegar and baking soda to make your own drain cleaning material. The mixture has been found to be as effective as the most common cleaning products you see in the department store without the chemical contents. Pour the mixture directly into the drain and let it fizzle for about ten minutes. This means its breaking down the blocked debris into liquid form. Flush down the mixture with boiling water. That should do the trick.

3. If the mixture won’t work either, it is time to get the plumber’s snake (a.k.a toilet jack) to poke and loosen the debris. This should work but if you’re not used to maneuvering the snake, you might need to call a plumber to get the job done.

Overall, take good care of your kitchen to make sure your family and guests get to enjoy a delicious and hearty meal every time food is prepared. It takes simple discipline and practical steps to maintain kitchen plumbing.

Joyce Del Rosario is a blogger from basementwaterproofingcenter.com, one the of the leading sites offering Waterproofing Service.