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Local Business

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cardiff fountains

I was getting back from course that I have started recently at Cardiff University, this is great organization with fantastic staff and communication is just outstanding in my opinion. My emails have been responded to promptly and with great informative manner, very accommodating (I’m impressed).

Cardiff is a great place to gain education and at this same time there are so many places to visit and enjoy fresh air when ever there is a good weather (not most often occurrence unfortunately). Besides this factor I really enjoy this place in to its core and I would like to have more courage to explore some new places here and to meet some new people that would enrich my life here.

Cardiff has been very generous when it comes to its welcoming nature and making me feel like at home, just like some are saying “home is where you heart is”. I’m home despite being outside of my country of origin for so many years now. I find Cardiff to be great place to grown and develop, however for some reason I am thinking about moving to some bigger place, like Bristol. At this same time when I reflect on this thought I can see that I have not entirely discovered Cardiff and used all its possibilities for my advantage to move to bigger place, Cardiff is nice and quiet place that can offer a lot for entrepreneur like me.


What you need to start cleaning business?

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This is very often question when it comes to starting any business and should be considered carefully before one sets for this exiting journey.

Experience, money, connections, training, degree Cardiff

Please do not full in to those traps of holding yourself from doing what you wish to do.

Experience – this is one thing that stops many people and should not be one of the things that is going to stop you, what ever you wish to achieve there is always someone that have done something similar or have done something that you can model your actions on. That is why you should always strive to networking and talking to as many people as you can about your idea, this will give you advantage of verbalization and reflection on what you are planning to achieve.

Money – nothing further from reality, many businesses have started with very little money, and those are only a problem if you wish it to be a problem. use your credit cart, or some friend to borrow you money or what ever other means you think are available for you.

Connections – this is one of the things that would be beneficial to have before starting your business journey, however any professional will tell you that starting business is something that will present you with building great network of connections and meeting new people that you will be surprised how  willingly they will provide help.

Degree, training – I don’t need to tell you that many successful people have started their business without degree or any other training, one friend of mine have guided me to read great book Rich dad, poor dad. This book have changed my view on many things, but primarily on education and how misleading this can be for many people that would like to achieve financial freedom.


Starting Cleaning Company

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What is it about business that one would like to consider it as a main source of income and occupation for much of awaken hour. Starting a company is a great way to learn and by doing so one can grown exponentially, more than many jobs offer now a days, however this is not an easy task and one should be aware that their working week can extend from usual 40h to over 60h if they are wishing to succeed. This will be only one thing that you should be ready to experience, there are going to be much tress and sleepless nights that will be endured over this time.

Why would anybody go in to this mess?

There are good few reasons, first of all many people would like to realize their own dreams instead of their bosses and managers. I personally decided to do carpet cleaning because my parents showed me that there are money in it and that going this direction may be great way for me to start somewhere, and I am looking to grow my business in to many more areas and soon in to different sectors and industries. I want to expand not only vertically but also horizontally and by this achieve great organization with fantastic culture that is focused on customer satisfaction and improving standards that are out there. Furthermore I love challenge, and what is better then growing your own organization that will prove to be successful and definitely improve professional development of mine.


This was great place for me to learn much about this entire notion of creating website sand positioning it online, furthermore I enjoy coding and would like to develop mys kills further in this area to be more skilled and one day even open something in those lines. There is always a matter of choice and one should be made with most of the information available, however sometimes this have to be made on hunch or even simple guess.


Content Marketing

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Content marketing is very important to viral marketing and to achieve best return on your investment, marketing for small and medium companies is rather difficult thing. As there is no real brand awareness to be maintain and people don’t know your company and without this caching content you may never be heard in the world wide web.

First stage of achieving great return on your marketing is to create strategy that have a clear massage and contain some great idea that will make people wanting to share your content. Do not sell your product!!!. I could not say it any more seriously, content marketing is not about selling your products it is about providing interesting things that will make people want to share it and show it to their friends, that is why Social media are so important for your content marketing strategy.
google plusplus.Google.com plus – it is great tool to share content that is of good quality and you think that you have access to some communities that will be interested in it. Furthermore google plus is becoming strongly integrated with SERP and author rank that is impacting the way people click on the results, so that position is not entirely only determinant of traffic to your website.

soclwww.so.cl – is also very good website to share your content, especially if it is containing some interesting images. It is network created by Microsoft and for this reason it will be some important tool in near future:) I just adore anything that Microsoft creates, sorry for that:) Because bing is emphasizing more on the trending searches and time relevance they may start to use socl for updating their results and their access to facebook database will make them more competitive in this area is Google Plus will not show enough active users.

stumbleupon-infographic2www.StubleUpon.com – this is one thing that if you get your content and it will take liking of readers will skyshoot your content and its reach will be unstoppable:) it is very good to personalize the content and to get some very relevant things that may prove very interesting as well, google love their relevance.

Other are obvious, like twitter and Facebook. Social media with this very outlook. Above are very interesting for more content orientated outlook, however Facebook may be very good medium. That is why there always should be social plugins available on your blog to make it easy for readers to share.