What we use to clean your Carpets

We are using only highest quality solutions and equipment, karcher is a brand of our choice it is very solid and efficient carpet cleaner with great support and results.

For carpet cleaning we are using the Karcher RM760 – which is of great standard and safety for your carpets and family, this spray extraction solution delivers great results in carpet cleaning. This solution is great to combine with dirt and any stains that could have been created on the carpet of your house over the time of use. Additionally this product if low foaming solution so that there will be leftover on your carpet after finish the cleaning job.

Flea solutions – pets are lovely to have in your home, however sometimes they can bring to home unwanted guests. That is where you can use our services to clean house of those guests, our flea solution is great in handling them at most of the surfaces. Additionally spray and extraction will substantially reduce numbers in their population. Always remember to use flea agent on your pet prior to the cleaning so that he can get rid of them toJ

Carpet stain removal solution is included in RM760, however for some more stubborn stains we are using other type of chemical that is produced by VAX. Vax ultra plus show to be great to remove some types of stains from carpet and that is the reason for use only in some situations.

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