Van Purchase

This have taken place some time ago, I think it was in August. We are very happy to announce new van that will be helping out with serving our growing customer base, we would like to place our logo and contact details on the van so that it will be looking professional and will attract new customers.
As you can see from the photo it is very nice van that we are looking to use much more and would like to get new one so that we can serve even more customers in Cardiff and surrounding areas. However for this we will need to employee another person and by this grown our company to provide more presence in local community and by this give back to our neighbourhood and to Cardiff community.
There is only one thing that we are not sure about, where would be best to actually get the graphics for our van. That is rather difficult thing to decide on, what to use and how it will looks is very important for the image of my company. I’m looking to group premium company that will serve many customers from many locations.

new van dariusz krak

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