Carpet cleaning tips - tips on vinegar and pets

Using vinegar to clean carpets:

Using vinegar to clean your carpets is a great option because you can have this cheap solution that has many benefits, it helps with fighting the odour in the house and it is safe to use around pets and kids.
You can use vinegar with your steam cleaning equipment, this is best mixed in 50/50 solution of white vinegar. Remember to test your solution before actually using it on the entire carpet or upholstery, this is best done on the small area of your carpet.

How come vinegar works?

Vinegar contains acetic acid that dissolves stains and also neutralize odours, this is great when you are fighting with pee stains.

Treating pet pee and urine stains:

Those can be very difficult to treat, that is why sometimes it is better to get professional carpet cleaner. However if this is not the way you want to go, just prepare you 50/50 solution for the steam cleaner and you are ready to go and clean those pee stains. Remember to use warm water for best results with your cleaning.

Treating stains without the carpet cleaning machine

Homemade solution is good to make with some baking soda, mix one with white vinegar to achieve paste form. Once you have this you can move in to the spot and start treating it solution using some old toothbrush. Once the solution is deep in to the carpet give it some time to dry out completely and after that time just simply vacuum the surface of the carpet and the stain should be gone.
Tip: some stains may require to be treated more than once.

I hope that those cleaning tips will help you out with you cleaning needs. I'm looking in to placing comment sections linked to google plus.

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